Killer Clowns: Syria’s Enemies Are Both Dangerous and Farcical

The stereotype of the “killer clown” has long been a stock character in much of the world’s literature and film. But while the idea of a “killer clown” is usually restrained to the realm of fiction, in Syria, killer clowns have become the predominant stumbling block to restoring law and order to the country.

While there is nothing clownish about the armed forces of the United States, “Israel” or Turkey, all of which continue to occupy parts of Syria, there is something decidedly clownish about the “non-state” proxies which powerful regimes have spread like a disease throughout Syria, in an attempt to make multilateral foreign acts of aggression appear to be a genuine conflict.

Some western governments claim to oppose western citizens going to fight as members of Takfiri (aka Jihadist) terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIS) and while they at it, the western corporate mainstream media even invent cartoonish personas for such criminals such as the disgustingly trite “Jihadi John”. But more often than not, western governments have praised seemingly “volunteer” Takfiri fighters, Takfiri journalists and even Takfiri “aid workers” who have been helped by the US and major EU governments to travel to Syria in order to wage and propagandise for an illegal terrorist war.

The most famous such Takfiri group is the White Helmets, a state-sponsored propaganda organisation whose members often participate in terrorist acts, masquerading as a volunteer aid organisation in Takfiri occupied regions of Syria. Apart from this, there are many other clownish Takfiris with western citizenship who have gone to Syria in order to spread lies about the policies of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party government. Occasionally, the conflicting western narratives about “good Takfiris” versus “bad Takfiris”, cross wires. Such was the case when the “journalist” Bilal Abdul Kareem, was put on a US military “kill list” due to his connection with known terrorist activity. This is the same African-American complete with Takfiri beard, who produced an unintentionally comical video about the liberation of Aleppo, from the point of view of his vanquished Takfiri brethren.

But while mainstream corporate media cannot decide if it is going to proselytise for “Jihadi Journalist” or condemn killers assigned the childish moniker “Jihadi John”, there are other non-Takfiri groups operating illegally in Syria that are just as dangerous.

Western governments and their allies in corporate mainstream media have often praised western citizens who fight along side the Kurdish PYG terrorist militia. Conveniently forgetting the fact that the YPG’s twin group PKK has killed thousands of civilians in Turkey since the 1980s, including many European and Russian tourists, those fighting beside the secessionist Kurdish groups in Syria are lionised in the US and EU.

Suddenly it becomes clear that the main ‘grass roots’ volunteers in what some in the west still call a “civil war” are not Syrian, not Arabs(nor Armenians, Assyrians, Druze or even Kurds), have no real knowledge of Syria or the region and often flaunt these lacking credentials on camera.

Nowhere was this more true than it was with the formation of the so-called International Freedom Battalion and the even more awkward International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces–two Obama era creations of the US State Department and US linked ‘NGOs’. Nevertheless, many of these foreign soldiers of fortune  have remained in Syria well into the unabashedly pro-Kurd Trump era.

Never minding the fact that most Syrians are Arabs and that the guiding political force of the Syrian Arab Republic is Ba’atism, young white American males were sent to Syria, given weapons and helped to produce pro-Kurdish secessionist Trotskyist and Anarchist propaganda. In spite of the fact that Ba’athism runs stridently  contrary to both Trotskyism and Anarchism and in spite of the fact that the illegal Kurdish regime in Northern Syria known by its backers as “Rojava” is a naked attempt to destroy the territorial unity of the country, the US sent its supposed “volunteers” to Syria to spread a message that would ironically be as unpopular in the United States as it is in Syria.

When it comes to killer clowns, the pro-Kurdish Trotskyists and Anarchists clearly deserve the Academy Award for bad acting even more so than the White Helmets, as the disturbing video below lays bear.

To make matters even more cringeworthy, another video was produced by pro-Kurdish secessionists, claiming that the Syrian “civil war” is actually a war to spread California style feminism to Syria, under the guise of an illegal Kurdish regime–this in spite of the fact that women in Syria have full equality with Syrian men. Genuine women’s rights are a central element of Ba’athism and Syria’s Vice President Najah al-Attar is a classic example of the reality of equality in the Syrian Arab Republic.

If such people were not armed, they would be nothing more than objects of mockery. The said truth is that because such killer clowns are backed up by some of the largest and most heavily armed militaries in history, many thousands of Syrians have been killed by the foreign invasion of killer clowns doing the work of the most fiendish regimes on the planet. Making things even more strange, this time for the US and EU, western born “volunteers” in the ranks of the YPG have announced that they intend to travel to the front lines of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch in order to fight NATO member Turkey. Thus, a NATO member and its own proxies, some of whom are western born, are now about to engage in combat with western born YPG “volunteers”. It’s a surreal truth which is in fact stranger than most killer clown fiction.

By contrast, the political leaders, culture torchbearers and patriotic citizens of the Syrian Arab Republic exude dignity, grace, cultural sophistication, intelligence and affection. In this sense, the Syrian conflict is a culture war as much as anything else. The good news is that the heroic patriots of Syria seem to be winning against the killer clowns.

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