BREAKING: Southern Transitional Council Captures Hadi Government Headquarters in Aden

Supporters of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) have taken control of the de-facto South Yemen capital of Aden. It would appear that a successful coup against President Hadi and his increasingly unpopular government has taken place with supporters of formal southern secession overthrowing a Saudi backed government which was committed to pacifying and re-taking the Houthi controlled north of the country.

Later, President Hadi’s Prime Minister, Ahmed Bin Dagher, whose resignation has been long demanded by the STC, has accused supporters of a re-established state of South Yemen, of formally “staging a coup” against the government in Aden, thus confirming earlier reports from pro-STC sources.

As Eurasia Future previously reported,

“The UAE and Saudi are themselves rowing over who controls the de-facto reestablished state of South Yemen. Recent days have seen the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and its paramilitary arm the Southern Resistance Movement demand the dismissal of President Hadi’s government with many openly stating that they seek STC leaders to replace an increasingly fatigued Hadi. Their aim, which is generally shared by the UAE, is to abandon Saudi led attempts to pacify the de-facto reestablished Houthi controlled state of North Yemen and instead focus on formally re-establishing an internationally recognised state of South Yemen”.

While the clashes may well have been the result of organic tensions between supporters of the STC and the Hadi government, there remains a strong possibility that the UAE leadership gave Southern Movement separatists the green-light to advance against the security forces loyal to the pro-Saudi Hadi government, thus solidifying the depths of the current row between putative allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

While the STC has demanded the immediate firing of Prime Minister Ahmed Bin Dagher, some sources suggest they may expand their demands, asking for the removal of Prsident Hadi unless Hadi allows STC leader’s to form their own official government.

The situation in Aden remains deeply tense.


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