Kurdish YPG Terrorist Commits al-Qaeda Style Suicide Bombing Against Turkish Tank

Kurdish propaganda outlets representing the YPG have released photos of a female suicide bomber who detonated herself in front of a Turkish tank. There are thought to be no survivors from the blast.

This comes shortly after the YPG’s political arm PYD announced that it would not participate in the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi.

The Takfiri terrorist group al-Qaeda popularised the use of suicide bombings as a means of guerrilla warfare against both traditional armed forces and civilian targets. Later, Daesh (aka ISIS) also used suicide bombers to achieve their twisted goals.

The YPG’s suicide bomber demonstrates both a heightened extremism among the terrorist militia as well as a pending sense of desperation, as Turkish forces continue their advance into Kurdish held territories in Syria’s Aleppo Governorate.

Recent events in Kurdish occupied cities of Aleppo have also shown that the US attempt to draw a distinction between the YPG and SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) has been a deceitful exercise in futility. Statements released from Kurdish militants are sometimes posted as YPG statements and at other times as SDF statements. The aggregate effect is that the groups are publicly admitting to their interchangeability, as has always been the case in terms of the de-facto organisation of the SDF, which is in reality just an amalgamation of various YPG units.

Previously, the US attempted to pass the SDF off as a structurally independent organisation vis-a-vis the YPG. This became especially apparent when the US falsely promised Turkey it would cease arming the YPG, with the clear subtext being that the US would continue to arm the same group when flagged with SDF insignia.

It has now become clear that the SDF and YPG speak with the same voice and commit the same violent acts in Syria. At this point, the only distinction is that the Daesh prisoners freed by Kurdish terrorists are thought to now be fighting under the SDF rather than YPG flag.

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