Syrian Government Debunks False Rumours of a Syrian Attack On Turkish Army Convoy

On the evening of the the 29th and into the morning of the 30th, social media was filled with stories and images purportedly showing the Syrian Arab Airforce attacking a Turkish Army convoy in southern Aleppo Governorate.

Initial reports indicated that Turkey was pushing further south from Aleppo into Idlib, in an attempt to draw a new contact line between Turkish occupied regions and areas controlled by Damascus. According to late night internet conspiracy theories, Turkey sought to cut off Syrian troops from areas in Idlib that the Syrian Arab Army is set to liberate.

According to Syrian officials, the Turkish convoy remains parked near Atareb, a town on the border between Aleppo and Idlib Governorate. This confirms that rumours of Syria firing on Turkish troops were fake news and that other reports suggesting that Russia and Syria were acting jointly against Turkey were even more fake and defamatory against all parties involved. It also confirms that there has been no movement of Turkish troops from Aleppo into Idlib in the wake of Operation Olive Branch. All such stories are based on fake news or hearsay.

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