Damascus to Sochi: “Syria is The Beating Heart of Arabism”

Ghassan Qalla’a, the Chairman of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce has delivered an address to the opening session of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, highlighting the patriotic stance of Syrians who have endured eight years of hardship due to Takfiri terrorism, foreign occupation and sectarianism.

Qalla’a said,

“Syria is the beating heart of Arabism and the hub of civilizations; therefore, we are adhered to this juncture which the seven years of war that our country passed through haven’t been able to weaken, but they further strengthened it, and without that we as Syrians couldn’t have been able to achieve victories over Takfiri terrorist groups and to make great sacrifices.

These victories have created suitable conditions for this meeting to announce to the world that we, as Syrians, are able to meet and listen to each other to affirm that the national juncture unites us and to see how our homeland will be stronger and better because no one is more keen on Syria than the Syrians, and to tell whoever interested… hands off Syria and stop interfering in its affairs and igniting the fire of sedition and division…as our people have suffered from the outrageous interventions after they used to be an example to follow in coexistence and the stability and security.

Syria will be only for the loyal national Syrians, and they alone have the right to decide their future. On behalf of millions of the Syrian people, I call upon you to be merciful with our homeland and to unite our ranks in defending it against whoever wants evil for it, and to defend its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and to protect the national independent decision”.

As the most elderly delegate at the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, Ghassan Qalla’a’s powerful remarks affirm Syria’s position as the leader in modern Arab Nationalist thought, which condemns all forms of occupation, sectarianism, imperialism and Zionism. It is the hope of many delegates at the Congress in Sochi, that the unifying spirit of Arabism will help to unite all patriotic Syrians who long for a peaceful future.


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