“Israel” Seems Desperate for War With Lebanon

“Israeli” officials have spent the last 24 hours agitating for conflict against their typical targets including Iran and Syria, but it is Lebanon that has been on the receiving end of a deluge of provocation and threats from the regime in Tel Aviv.

It began with the regime’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett stating that Lebanon, Syria and Iran will be targeted directly and in so doing, be collectively blamed for any flare ups in “Israel’s” disputes with partisan resistance groups such as the Lebanese party Hezbollah. In a blood-soaked tirade, Bennett spoke of virtually the entire northern bloc of the Middle East as an “octopus” that needed to be aggressively militarily targeted as a whole.

Later, after Beirut declared its interest in working with international business partners to develop its off-shore gas fields, the Defence Minister of the occupier regime, the permanently unhinged Avigdor Lieberman, stated that Lebanon’s gas field belongs to “Israel”. Not content with occupying Palestine and Syria, the regime now seeks to annex the off-shore assets of the neighbour it occupied from 1982 to 2006, with a previous invasion and partial occupation occurring in 1978. This sets a worrying precedent for all parties concerned.

Lebanon’s Energy Minister Cesar Abi Khalil responded to the clear provocation by saying,

“Lebanon will use all available methods to fend off the ‘Israeli’ aggression that was announced today”.

Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun further vowed to defend Lebanon’s territorial water rights.

Today’s statements from several officials of the occupier entity, confirmed the renewed aggression that Lebanon is facing. For months now, Zionist soldiers have been violating southern Lebanon’s borders by digging trenches and erecting early stage ramparts in an attempt to sever important ties between the Arab peoples of Lebanon and Palestine. This comes months after the Zionist regime touted the building of an underground wall between Egypt and Palestine’s Gaza, which would effectively cut off what limited supplies the besieged people of Gaza are able to receive. While “Israel” illogically blames Palestinians for being under siege by “Israeli” forces, it is clear that the worsening plight of Gaza has a causal relationship to the regime’s activity on the Gaza/Egypt border.

While the “Israeli” occupiers were kicked out of Egypt in 1982 and Lebanon in 2006 (after partially being forced to withdraw in 2000), it is looking ever more likely that Tel Aviv plans to antagonise the Arab states to the immediate north and south as much as possible, with Lebanon being the favoured point of attack. All of this comes as Tel Aviv continues to prohibit Jordanian authorities from exercising their internationally recognised duties as custodians of al-Ḥaram al-Sharif, home to the Qubbat al-Sakhrah and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Al-Quds.

Now that it is clear that Syria will not fall to the Takfiris, nor will the international community turn on Iran as the United States and “Israel” had hoped it would do, the occupier regime is turning to increasingly provocative measures in order to draw all of its neighbours, but especially Lebanon into a war.

This kind of unconscionable militarism must be universally condemned. The only solace in this sordid state of affairs is that Lebanon’s Resistance leader Sayyed Hassan Nusrallah recently proclaimed that “Israel” is afraid for the kind of long and protracted war that an attack on Lebanon would result in. While “Israel” has often found success in quick blitzkrieg style operations or cut-and-run air attacks, the kind of drawn out conflict that would result in an attack on an increasingly vigilant Lebanon, is not the kind of war that the occupier army is willing to fight or even able to win.

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