Debunking And Reclaiming The Lost Meaning of ‘Victimhood’

With “Israel” threatening to obliterate Lebanon, Syria and Iran simultaneously, it beggars belief that anyone could still think that the Zionist regime represents anything other than pure, unbridled aggression. However, there remain some who are still persuaded by the unjustified “victim narrative” perpetuated by the regime to silence all opposition to its crimes, while attempting to turn wars of conquest into defensive wars in the minds of the naive.

The origin of the word ‘victim’ derives from Latin victima and it originally referred to a living being who suffered a sacrificial killing as part of a religious ritual. In recent history however, this word along with many others including ‘gay’ and ‘chauvinist’ for instance, have either been stripped of their original meanings, or rendered totally meaningless and abstract. Victima sits somewhere in between.

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the word victima was never fiddled with, and that its meaning remains the same: a ritualistic killing of an innocent living being, human or animal. With that in mind, let us consider from this prism who in this world truly deserves to be called a ‘victim’ and who does not. Let us forget for a moment all that we have read and seen on the media, and use our own logic as well as our instinct when we consider cataclysmic events such as the Great Patriotic War.

Events on the ground dictate that people comprising of various ethnicities, nationalities, religious and political groups were murdered by the Nazi regime, including Russian orthodox people, Jewish people of many nationalities and ethnicities including German, German political enemies of the regime, French enemies of a variety of political persuasions, local gypsies, homosexuals, Greek Orthodox, Serbian orthodox, etc, etc. The 27 million Russian soldiers and civilians who lost their lives defending their homeland as well as the entire world from the Fascist regime were theoretically both ‘victims’ of an invasion and ‘martyrs’, while those who defeated the Nazis were by definition ‘heroes’. Let us also remember the 6 million Poles who also lost their lives in the war, most of whom civilians, and many, many others.

The numbers cited above are only rough estimates, because it is virtually impossible to know in any catastrophe of this scale just how many people actually died. Yet, how can it be that denying that 6 million Jews died in the Third Reich is against the law in 16 European countries? While there are frequent open debates on the actual number of casualties, for instance whether there were indeed only 27 million Russians who died, or whether, as some claim around 40 million, one does wonder just how can one specific group of people get away with such a claim unchallenged. Why is it that we can dispute the number of Russian casualties, but not Jewish? Why furthermore, is an obsession with numbers given a higher value in the minds of many, than the far more important notion of universal condemnation of the killing of civilians anywhere on earth? Indeed, and certainly in the Western world, WWII is seen within the prism of the Holocaust, as opposed to the other way around. Many have been led to believe that the Jewish Holocaust was the most pertinent aspect of the war, and that Jewish losses were somewhat more tragic than any other.

The Third Reich was an indiscriminate genocide on a monumental scale, a cultish, sadistic and Godless exercise on innocent human beings of all ethnicities, nationalities and persuasions who were ‘sacrificed’ to satisfy Hitler’s own brand of religious fanaticism over a hegemonic “Aryan” rule. No one group of people ought to be singled out as a ‘special’ kind of victim. We are human beings first and foremost living in a modern multipolar society where all lives are of equal worth. The age of tribalism is over, except for those who use the tools of modernity to define themselves as a tribe rather than as men, women and citizens of the world. Logic, when left alone, dictates that everyone is an equal victim, yet the western mainstream media would have us believe that some deaths are more tragic than others which in turn would mean that some lives are worth more than others. Such a message is both racist and arrogant. But our logic has been compromised, and our natural instincts deliberately curbed, and replaced by a mechanised apparatus regurgitating ad nauseam all that we have heard, read and seen on “Israel” friendly newspapers and television by leaders and pundits alike.

How and why did all this happen? How is it that Jewish exceptionalism has not merely been tacitly accepted in the West, but encouraged? I say in the West, because no where else in the world is the Jewish issue of any cataclysmic relevance. East and South East Asians for instance, have no real opinion on this matter, not least because they have had little to no direct engagement with Jews, and nor are they enemies of the Jews. That said, China, although removed from the Israel/Palestine issue, has in the past expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people. North Korea on the other hand, categorically refuses to recognise “Israel” as a sovereign state. Is it any wonder therefore, why “Israel”‘s partner in crime, the USA is so keen to destroy North Korea? Both China and North Korea understand what it is to be brutally colonised and murdered. The British, Americans and “Israelis” on the other hand understand how to do just that.

Not long after the First World War, some European Jews began moving to British Mandate of Palestine, spurred on by the British Imperial Balfour Declaration. Neither the Sykes-Picot, nor the Balfour Declaration were approved by any multinational/international body. In 1948, by which time a multitude of European Jews had begun colonising Palestine, the disruption and molestation of the lives of the indigenous Arabs, including the minority Jewish population was well underway. Little did they know that they too would soon suffer their very own horrific Holocaust, one that is still going to this day, some 70 years later. While the United Nations never formally approved the Jewish migration to Palestine, they were a young institution at the time and therefore not powerful enough to do anything about it. The impotence was further exacerbated by the King David Hotel bombing on 22 July 1946 in Jerusalem by Zionist terrorists, as part of the campaign against British rule in Palestine. Incidentally, the bombing was one of the first recorded ‘terrorist’ attacks in modern history.

“Israel” is the biggest experiment of mass immigration in modern history. In short, it is an illegal military base with concentration camps for the natives who happen to be of many ethnic and religious persuasions. While is undeniable is that “Israel” has been ethnically cleansing Palestine of its indigenous Arab population since its inception, “Israelis’ much like their former oppressor Adolf Hitler who discriminated against any German who did not subscribe to Nazism, Israelis are also all too happy to discriminate against indigenous Jews and others who do not subscribe to their racist, areligious, amoral, Euro-centric, Imperialistic Zionist ideology. What’s more, the Ethiopian Jews who went to “Israel” hoping for a better life are treated even worse than indigenous Jews, suffering constant violent attacks.

While the Syria crisis has attracted immense attention from world wide media, the occupation of Palestine by the genocidal and illegal “Israeli” regime has become pretty much a non-issue in the corporate-owned Western media, and by extrapolation amongst ordinary Westerners. That said however, media coverage does not automatically generate genuine sympathy among viewers and readers especially when the media portrays Arabs as ‘unruly and uncivilised savages’. There is a reason why Western and “Israeli” media rarely, if ever report on the glory of secular and multicultural Syria, a civilised country where wearing a niqab is outlawed in certain public institutions, including in parliament. It is not in the strategic interest of the Zionist media to show progressive and modern Arab States, if they did, people might wonder why “Israel” and its Western allies support a war on a fair and functioning country with a constitution that allows for equal rights for all. Ditto Iraq and Libya, the latter once the richest state in Africa with a near 100% literacy and a secular constitution. Furthermore, “Israel” would have to justify its illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights beyond the lie that Arabs are a bunch of ‘parasites’ and ‘terrorists’ who need to be civilised or worse, killed.

The Arab world is not a monolithic land, and Arabs are not a monolithic people. The Arab world is a vast geographical landmass with a wide variety of regional peculiarities made up of various ethnic and religious groups. It is highly sinister for the Zionists to play on cheap stereotypes. But the Zionist occupied mainstream media rarely report on the reality.

The media, governments and lobbies have worked relentlessly to confuse and distract from the crux of the “Israel”/Palestine conflict, launching a war on the Arab peoples, Muslim and Christian alike, all the while perpetuating the myth of the Jewish people as eternal victims of oppression. The campaign has been so successful that the vast majority of ordinary Westerners have been de-sensitised and indoctrinated to accept the brutal occupation of Palestine and shrug it off as something that ‘just is’. Others haven’t got a clue what the conflict is about, nor do they care. In short, the masses remain ignorant and incapable of understanding, caring or engaging in the Israel/Palestine discourse which makes it all the easier to ensure and sustain the existence of the state of “Israel” on occupied land. People have been unconsciously Zionised by Zionist controlled governments, media and their ArchZionist masters, Banks and Corporations – a culture that accepts the abnormal, ahistorical and immoral as normal, legendary and correct.

Bearing all that in mind, how can a people who have had a disproportional influence in the West still be thought of as ‘victims’? When self-identifying Jews are disproportionally represented in the elite circles of the west and when Arabs are treated as universal villains, often by people with no real knowledge of the Arab world, how can those with good fortune be the victims and those who are constantly demonised be the villains? Perversely, it is precisely because self-identifying Jews of the west are in a privileged rather than victimised position, that they can afford to pretend otherwise. The disproportional influence Jews have over American financial institutions and the similar influence of self-identifying Jews among the broader American and western elite, such individuals are able to invest large sums into a sustained “victimhood industry”, something that genuine oppressed victims would not have the means or even the legal wherewithall to do. If Benjamin Netanyahu were to always speak like a Nazi propagandist, he would get no sympathy. But instead he speaks like the ultimate victima, as though he and his people are under constant attack.

There is no such thing as a Palestinian ‘terrorist’ any more than there is such a thing as an armed “Israeli” with a conscience. Colonising a people makes one an aggressor, not a victim. Brutalising a defenceless people with no weapons to defend themselves is not war,  it is genocide. Yet the International concessions bestowed on the Jewish victims of the Holocaust have been perversely extended to the “Israeli” perpetrators of aggression to this day and they overshadow all the other rightful victims of past and present. Victimhood has become a distorted abstract phenomenon, so much so that it has penetrated the western psyche to such a degree that aggressors are victimised while the genuine victims of injustice are virtually ignored.

The real victim of the modern age, the only genuine victima in the purest terms, is Palestine. The Palestinian people have quite literally been ‘sacrificed’ for the sake of an ethno-centric, self-defined Jewish State, a never-ending religious ritual that is slowly wiping Palestine off the map, along with its citizens who are all called Palestinians; Muslim, Christian, Jew alike. Palestine is the ultimate victima, in the Holy Land no less where the birth and Resurrection of Christ occurred, the latter being the original victima.  It is also the place from which Islam’s Prophet Muhammad ascended toe heaven. Nothing will settle until the liberation of Al-Queds and all of Palestine is settled.

But how is it that they still get away with living on stolen land whose natives are left starved, displaced and murdered daily in the 21st century? The answer can be found in the US/”Israeli” expansionist Yinon plan, first published in 1982 in the now defunct Hebrew journal Kivunim. A more pertinent question therefore would be, how can these genocidal colonialists still evoke sympathy among the general public?

As I briefly mentioned above, it all boils down to language. Robbing words of their true meanings is a careless thing, but robbing crucial words of their meanings is a deliberate and heinous endeavour, one designed to serve a bigger agenda, to confuse, distract, de-sensitise. In the context of Israeli Jewish supremacists, the agenda is to maintain their status as perpetual victims while they continue their barbarism against the natives whose land they have colonised, as well as that of their neighbour, Syria.

If one can control the lexicon, one controls the action. If one can colonise a word and prostitute its meaning, once can colonise thoughts and stimuli. So long as the general public associates victima first and foremost with the Jewish people, the criminal actions of the latter in Isarel will continue to go unnoticed and unchallenged. So long as the self-identifying Jews carry the crown of victimhood however abstract and absurd in this day and age, while intrinsically supporting an aggressive Zionist imperial project, where does that leave the Palestinians, the ultimate victims? It leaves them alone, isolated, defenceless and forever forgotten and left to perish under our very eyes and noses.

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