Iranian Official States That Iran Will Force The US Out of Syria, Proving Tehran Understands The True Threat To Syria

While many in “alt-media” are concerning themselves with an imaginary rift between Iran and Russia on the one hand, and Turkey on the other in respect of Ankara’s anti-Kurdish YPG Operation Olive Branch, the fact of the matter is that Russia, Iran and Turkey continue to cooperate in the Astana format which recently saw high level diplomatic representatives of all three nations work to support the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi. At one point, when Turkish loyalists refused to leave the airport in Sochi because of their opposition to images of the Syrian flag, Turkish officials merely conducted meetings in their absence, in a clear indication that Turkey is fully on board the mature approach which has guided the Astana partners, in spite of what so-called “opposition” hooligans might seek to do.

In reality, Turkey and the United States are now worse than enemies in Syria–they are rivals competing over the same parts of Syrian land that have become ‘too small for the both of them’, as John Wayne might have said. In this sense, while Syria and Iran publicly maintain the legally correct position that all occupying powers must leave Syria, Iran has also acknowledged Turkey’s joint commitment to respect the territorial unity of the Syrian Arab Republic. Furthermore, Turkish officials have actually gone out of their way to assure their Astana partners as well as Damascus, that Turkish does not harbour territorial ambitions in Syria.

While many in so-called “alt media” re-post Tweets from Turkish extremists with maps showing parts of Syria and Iraq as Turkish territory, this is not to be taken seriously, any more than the online rants of nobodies in any country should be mistaken for official government policy. Furthermore, with Turkey cooperating with Syria’s allies Iran and Russia, a short-term Turkish occupation of northern Syria is de-facto preferable to a US occupation which would necessarily be aimed at not only retarding Syria’s restoration of law and order on her own territory, but also aimed at retarding Russian and Iranian progress between themselves and their regional partners.

In this sense, all energy spent on criticising Turkey for Operation Olive Branch, is energy that ought to be spent on working to expunge the greatest threat to Syria from Syrian soil. This threat is of course the totally illegal presence of the United States, a nation which threatens world peace over and above any other.

While many in the “alt-media” community continue to whitewash American crimes against the Syrian people due to their pathological hatred of Turkey – a committed Russian and Iranian partner, they are losing sight of the bigger picture. Luckily, Iranian officials know full well what the priority for true friends of Syria is and always has been.

Today, Ali Akbar Velayati, a special international affairs advisor to the Iranian Leader, stated,

“Either US will leave Eastern Euphrates in Syria or we will force them to leave. The US will not succeed in partitioning Syria”.

During a speech focused on the liberation of Palestine, Velayati again restated,

“Either they will leave Eastern Euphrates in Syria or we will kick them out of there”.

There are two main obstacles preventing a full restoration of peace, law and order to Syria. First of all there is the US occupation of northern Syria east of the Euphrates and secondly there is “Israel’s” 56 year illegal occupation of the Golan Heights on the opposite end of Syria.

If these two issues were solved, other matters such as eliminating further armed Takfiri terrorist gangs and working on a mutual rapprochement between Damascus and Ankara, would be comparatively simple. It seems that while the United States has not been able to win its war against Syria, it is winning a soft power battle in making many Syria watchers forget that the US maintains its illegal presence in Syria, while they are busy arguing over the presence of a Russian and Iranian partner, the Republic of Turkey.

If the US left, what little resistance the terrorist YPG/PKK can put up against Turkey would crumble, Turkey would thus be satisfied and could begin withdrawing its troops along the lines of a would-be agreement with Russia and Iran. Without further US meddling with Takfiri so-called “opposition” groups, this battle would also become an increasingly rapid victory for Syria and her partners.

The problem in Syria is an American and “Israeli” problem. Any inclinations to pass the blame elsewhere, is a de-facto apology for American and Zionist crimes against humanity.

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