Syrian Arab Army Links Idlib and Aleppo Fronts In Aftermath of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch

The Syrian Arab Army has scored a large success in further liberating Idlib Governorate from terrorist occupation. After liberating the strategically important airbase at Abu Duhur in January of 2018, Syrian troops pushed further north and have now linked up with other divisions of the Syrian Arab Army operating in Aleppo Governorate.

This has had the effect of fully linking up the Idlib and Aleppo fronts, which helps pave the way for further liberation of Takfiri strongholds in both Governorates of north western Syria. Much of the success in linking the Idlib and Aleppo fronts has been made possible by the re-positioning of Turkish loyalists flying under the FSA flag to the northernmost regions of Aleppo Governorate as part of the Ankara’s anti-Kurdish YPG Operation Olive Branch. Many have even speculated on the existence of a Russian brokered deal whereby Turkey would effectively trade Idlib for northern Aleppo, thus relieving Syrian units who would have otherwise come face to face with armed Turkish loyalist FSA fighters in Idlib. Whether or not such a deal was in place, the aggregate effect has been the transfer of the FSA fighters to the anti-Kurdish YPG front, thus de-facto freeing Idlib of much of its occupying Takfiri militant forces. The end result has been a military-logistical win-win for Syria.

As a result, Idlib which had become the most terrorist congested part of Syria in the aftermath of the defeat of Daesh in Deir-ez-Zor, has been substantially cleared of terrorist pockets by both Syrian Arab Army regulars and the elite Syrian Tiger Forces.

According to Al-Masdar,

“…The seizure of Ziyart Samaan and Tal Mamou brings the total number of towns and villages reclaimed by pro-government forces in the area of the Idlib-Aleppo provincial border to almost 30 since they re-started offensive operations three days ago”.

With this new link-up, Syria’s final major frontiers in the battle against Takfiri terrorism include what remains of Takfiri strongholds in the Idlib-Aleppo border regions as well as the infamous pocket of Takfiri terrorists in and around Eastern Damascus. Most other areas have been fully liberated.

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