New Video Reveals Extent of Mosul’s Devastation

While the once Al-Qaeda besieged east Aleppo City is being rebuilt by Syrians with the help of their international partners, Iraq’s Mosul which suffered a similar terrorist occupation by Daesh continues to fester without any signs of recovery.

During the indiscriminate US bombardment of Mosul, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned,

“In case of Mosul, no conditions were created to allow civilians leave in an organised way. It was all chaotic, spontaneous. Obviously, when it happens in such an unexpected manner, it adds inconvenience and, probably, causes an increased number of victims”.

Lavrov later slammed the US for its lack of coordination after it came to be known that for hours, the US was bombing civilian targets rather than known Daesh strongholds. The Russian Foreign Minister said

“The most recent tragedy happened on March 17, to be precise it is not the latest one as there were numerous incidents that claimed civilian lives after it. However, the March 17 [tragedy], when the bombings lasted for several hours and an estimated 200 civilians were killed, stands out because of its scale.

If one cannot establish for hours that the airstrikes are hitting the wrong targets, then such actions of the US military startle me, as they possess the necessary [targeting] equipment”.

Months, after the final battles in Mosul and the city remains totally destroyed while the bodies of the un-buried dead continue to line the rubble filled streets. While Syria’s partners help her to rebuild, Iraq’s tenuous American “partner” has abandoned Mosul to the ghosts.

The following video sheds new light on the destruction of the northern Iraqi city.

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