Body of Russian Martyr, Hero of the Russian Federation Major Filipov Is Returned To Russian Soil

Hero of the Russian Federation, Major Roman Filipov was martyred during man-to-man combat against Al-Qaeda Takfiri terrorists who shot down his Su-25 fighter jet. While he parachuted safely to the ground, he was quickly engaged in a fire fight against multiple terrorists. Major Filipov who has been posthumously awarded Russia’s highest honour, was cornered and took the decision to blow himself and his enemies up with a single grenade. His final words were “This is for our guys”.

According to a statement from the Russian Defence Ministry,

“Russian military intelligence, in cooperation with its Turkish colleagues, has returned to Russia the body of pilot Major Roman Filipov, who heroically died in Syria on February 3”.

This tragic incident has been exploited by many so-called “alt-media” propagandists in an attempt to sour relations between Turkey and Russia, even though the terrorists who shot down Major Filipov’s plane were not linked to Turkey. Currently, Russia is investigating whether the terrorists used weapons they received from the United States during their atrocious attack on the Hero’s Su-25.

Furthermore, the leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey have just reaffirmed their full commitment to further cooperation in the Astana Format, while issuing a condemnation against illegal foreign incursions into Syria – which almost certainly means the United States, which has constantly worked to undermine the Astana format.

While Turkey helped Russia to recover the body of the martyred pilot, Russian Aerospace Forces have today cooperated with Iran in airlifting food and medical supplies to Shi’a villages in Idlib which are besieged by Takfiri terrorist forces.

These events, in addition to public statements from the leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran, demonstrate that any attempts to exploit tragedies in Syria to destroy the partnership between the three countries, will ultimately be futile.

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