Terrorists Attack Russian Trade Representative Building In Damascus

A day after a Russian aid distribution centre was shelled by Takfiri terrorists in the Christian quarter of Damascus, Russia’s Trade Representative Building In Damascus has been bombed by terrorists, causing severe damage to the building. At this time it is not thought that anyone was injured.

Russian targets have come under increased attacks in Syria after Takfiris managed to down a Russian Su-25 fighter jet over Al-Qaeda occupied areas in Syria’s Idlib Governorate. Many of these terrorists are covertly or in some cases openly backed by the United States. Yesterday America’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley hysterically lashed out at Russia and Syria during a Security Council meeting. She repeated claims made by Takfiri groups that Syria uses chemical weapons on civilians, even though Syria’s last stockpiles of chemical weapons that it gave up in 2013 have been officially destroyed in line with a 2013 Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons agreement signed off for by both Russia and the United States. Russia is currently investigating whether the MANPADS used to down the Su-25 were given to Al-Qaeda by the United States.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry,

“There are no casualties. The building is inflicted significant material damage. We strongly condemn another terrorist attack against the diplomatic mission of Russia in Damascus, which has become a link in the chain of crimes committed by them [terrorists] against the peaceful population of the Syrian capital in recent days”.

The US is greatly responsible for the new wave of violence against Russians and Russian targets in Syria, due to their irresponsible spreading of Takfiri hate speech before the United Nations.


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