Fringe Far-Right South Korean Party Tries To Disrupt Cross-Border Unity Olympics With Obscene Display

A DPRK ship has arrived at the South Korean port of Mukho carrying 120 North Korean musicians who will provide a cultural entertainment experience for international spectators at the forthcoming Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. The Seoul government of Moon Jae-in and the Pyongyang government of Kim Jong-un have worked cooperatively to make the 2018 Winter Olympic Games a success for bilateral cooperation among the two Korean states and all the Korean people.

This success is owed both to the increased confidence uof a DPRK which is now able to fully defend itself against US aggression and also a South Korean government which under the peace minded moderate Moon Jae-in has taken helpful steps in de-escalating tensions with the North, in spite of Seoul’s historic relationship with the US. Furthermore, Moon’s government has been developing ever closer ties with the DPRK’s superpower neighbours to the north, Russia and China in a sign that Seoul is embracing the prospects of a brighter future with a more multipolar geopolitical alignment.

Moon came to power during a special election in May of 2017. His militaristic predecessor Park Geun-hye was impeached early in 2017 on charges relating to high levels of corruption. It later became known that Park’s intelligence service helped to meddle in the 2012 election that would have otherwise been won by Moon had it been free and fair.

Taken in totality, Moon’s ascent to the South Korean Presidency has been a triumph of moderation over extremism, just as the DPRK’s increased confidence in spite of tremendous odds, has been a triumph for the sovereignty and enthusiasm of the North Korean people and their leader. The positive result for both states is that North and South Korean athletes will march in the Olympics under a unity flag.

While regional powers have welcomed this positive move for peace, the US remains unmoved by the new openness on the Korean peninsula and continues to put new sanctions on Pyongyang while threatening the DPRK with aggressive war.

The people of South Korea are all too aware that any US led war on the peninsula could lead to the total devastation of all the Korean people. This is why South Koreans have marched in their thousands, protesting against the US militarisation of their country.

In spite of the peace minded attitude of all the Korean people, a small minority of reactionaries in the South have organised an insulting protest which has greeted some of the North Korean musicians who just arrived in Mukho. The protests were organised by the far-right extremist faction Korean Patriots’ Party, a party so small that it only has a single seat in South Korea’s National Assembly. In spite of its fringe status, the small party seeks to taint the good intentions of their countrymen through protests which included the burning of DPRK flags and the desecration of photos of Kim Jong-un.

Pyongyang has already responded to the protests with the following statement,

“The conservative group of south Korea staged a never-to-be-condoned farce of confrontation with fellow countrymen on Tuesday when the DPRK’s art troupe arrived at Mukho Port in south Korean Kangwon Province to give congratulatory performance for the Winter Olympics due in South Korea, according to reports in Seoul.

When the ship “Mangyongbong-92” carrying the art troupe arrived, Jo Won Jin, head of the “Korean Patriotic Party”, a stooge party of traitor Park Geun Hye, and other crazy nerds held a “rally against Pyongyang Olympics” and ran around like headless chickens, barking that “the ship of reds came”, “go back to your country” and “boost the south Korea-U.S. alliance”. Worse still, they made no bones about besmirching the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership and burning the flags of the DPRK and the Korean Peninsula.

Such farce of those conservatives stunned the world as they were crazy with the racket for confrontation before foreign reporters while many inhabitants of various strata gave hearty welcome to the compatriots from the north even in cold weather.

Now all Koreans in the north and the south and abroad and the international community eagerly want to see that the hard-won climate for improved north-south relations and removal of confrontation will be led to national concord and cooperation and detente and reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

However, those conservatives have staged such disgusting farces as “press conference against Pyongyang Olympics” and “demo against the visit of the north’s art troupe” almost every day. Not content with it, they put an affront on the mission that came to celebrate an event of the nation, far from presenting bouquets. In fact, they are no more than a group of benighted gangsters inferior to beast, human scum.

They, accustomed to sycophancy toward the U.S. and confrontation with fellow countrymen, barely prolong their remaining days with vituperation and rampage. Their frenzy is getting fiercer after Trump and Abe prattled that “pressure should be maximized without falling to the smiling diplomacy of the north” on Feb. 2.

So, the south Korean people are raising shout of wrath at this group of rabid dogs that block national concord and unity and peace and bring disgrace to the nation, defining the group as “the remaining evil forces stoking national division”, “traitors” and “modern-day five traitors in 1905″.

Such mad behaviour of the enemies of the nation running counter to the compatriots’ wishes and the trend of the times will only bring earlier the day when the waste of history sink into the grave”.

At a time when Donald Trump seeks to ban flag burning in the US in order to protect the feelings of patriotic Americans, it seems unconscionable that during a time of peace and reconciliation, Seoul would allow such a vulgar display to take place, thus tarnishing the spirit of brotherhood and good will upon which the Olympics rests.

It is not uncommon for countries to temporarily ban large, disturbing and offensive public gatherings during prominent international events. While the issue will certainly be a delicate one for Moon who has stood against both the US and the far-right of South Korean politics in opening the door to peace, he must consider the possibility of prohibiting such protests during the duration of cooperative activities surrounding the Winter Olympic Games.

The vast majority of the peace loving Korean people are owed more than to have a golden opportunity for peace spoiled by a vicious minority with close ties to the United States, especially given the importance of the Olympics for both Pyongyang and Seoul.

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