Russia Buries The Heroic Martyr Major Roman Filipov

Thousands of people turned out to receive the body of Major Roman Filipov, Hero of the Russian Federation. Major Filipov’s Su-25 fighter jet was shot down by savage terrorists over Takfiri occupied Idlib in Syria. It has emerged that he attempted to manoeuvre the stricken aircraft for as long as possible before safely ejecting and parachuting to the ground.

Once on land, he found himself surrounded by the bestial terrorists who shot at his plane. After engaging them in a firefight using his small sidearm pistol, he took the decision to explode a grenade so as to avoid being captured. His final words were, “This is for our guys”. He was martyred instantly, taking down several Takfiri savages with him.

On the 8th of February, he was buried in his hometown of Voronezh in a private Orthodox ceremony, but not before many more mourners paid their last respects to the Hero.

May God rest the soul of Major Roman Filipov, Hero of the Russian Federation and defender of civilisation.

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