Lebanon: Hoping For Peace – Preparing For War

The Lebanese Cabinet has conducted a meeting in order to make defensive preparations for what many expect to be a forthcoming “Israeli” act of aggression. In the past days, the Zionist regime has threatened a state of war against Lebanon, if the latter does not concede its maritime territorial rights to “Israel”. The issue arose over Beirut expressing a desire for international partners to help cultivate its off-shore gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean.  At that point, “Israeli” officials claimed Lebanon’s gas fields as part of “Israel’s” maritime territory.

Additionally, the Zionist regime has been constructing an illegal border wall on Lebanese soil, something which technically constitutes a new Zionist occupation of Lebanon’s territory. Lebanon’s often rivalling political factions have united to condemn the Zionist aggression and incursion onto Lebanon’s land.

During today’s Cabinet meeting, President Michel Aoun stated,

“We hope to put an end to this matter through diplomatic channels, yet our military has been given the orders to confront any threat to our sovereignty”.

He further noted that steps will be taken to “prevent Israeli greed”. While Aoun also stated that he is in discussion with the “international community” to attempt and resolve the situation, there can be no other peaceful alternative to the current crises than for the UN Security Council to condemn the Zionist regime’s provocative and illegal actions against its neighbour.

Far from an actual “dispute” in which both sides have legitimate claims, the current crisis is merely a symptom of unbridled and increasingly hostile manoeuvres by the Zionist regime to steal the resources of a neighbouring state that it first invaded and occupied in 1978, before a longer occupation beginning in 1982 that ultimately ended in 2006.

No country has any legal authority to build a border wall on another nation’s sovereign territory. Even Donald Trump’s infamous border wall with Mexico is to be built entirely on the US side of the border, so as not to encroach on Mexico’s sovereignty. Furthermore, in challenging Lebanon’s unambiguous right to extract gas from fields located in its own maritime territory, Tel Aviv is demonstrating that greed is a central component of the regime’s historic aggression against neighbouring states.

Anything less than a full UN condemnation of  the occupier entity’s aggression against Lebanon, will be an insult to the Lebanese people and state.

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