“Israel” Is Living On Borrowed Time As It Starts To Believe Its Own Lies

Every country, super-national body, company, charity, family and individual that cannot justify its agenda based on facts, will typically resort to lies. When it comes to such lies at a geopolitical level, one simply cannot beat “Israel”.

The dishonest and ahistorical premise of the Zionist experiment was first coined by a Scottish Protestant minister called Alexander Keith. He said that the prospect of a Zionist imperial conquest of Palestine amounted to “a land and without people, for a people without land”. Of course Palestine had people – indigenous inhabitants of all major monotheistic faiths, though primarily Islam. These people were called Palestinians, which is merely an Anglo-Romantic derivative of the Greek term Philistinoi. Furthermore, in the 19th century when Keith made his statement, Palestine also had a sovereign, the Ottoman Sultan who didn’t care for mass European migration to his territory.

The next big lie is that the discrimination of Jews in parts of Europe was a universal rather than a European problem. In reality, throughout the Ottoman Empire, Iranian Empire and even the Arab Caliphates, Jews lived normal and prosperous lives. Indeed during the Ottoman Empire, Jews lived far better than the Greeks or Armenians, to use just two prominent examples. The discrimination Jews faced in Europe was an entirely European problem, one that Arabs, Turks, Iranians and Muslims had nothing to do with. From the Inquisition to the Holocaust, it was European states that persecuted European Jews. None of it had anything whatsoever to do with Palestine.

That was then and today, the lies have mutated into political talking points that even many so-called friends of Palestine accept without question. Today, a common lie told by Zionists including Benjamin Netanyahu, Tony Blair and Mike Pence, is that “Israel” is small and is surrounded by hostile neighbours. The reality is that the Arab world was Balkanised (almost a century before the word took on its contemporary meaning) by Britain and France in the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916. Yet according to the principles of the great Arab Nationalists of the 20th century, part of the wider anti-colonial struggle was the acceptance of an indivisible Arab world where borders might still exist, but where unity was the key to liberation. This remains the guiding belief behind the Ba’athist ideology of the Syrian Arab Republic.

It is not the Arab world which is encroaching upon “Israel”, but it is “Israel” which represents the last European colonial entity in the wider Arab world. Furthermore, while “Israel” calls itself the “Jewish state”, why then does it discriminate against so-called Mizrahi Jews, a Tel Aviv term to connote the indigenous Palestinian Jews who have suffered almost as badly as their Christian and Muslim countrymen under European/Zionist occupation? Also, why are black African Jews treated as third class citizens and in many cases, not even allowed to live in occupied Palestine, even though anyone who professes the Jewish faith is supposed to have that right? This is because “Israel” is not a Jewish state in a literal sense, but a police state whose very existence is predicated on constantly being at war with its neighbours and with the people it occupies.

Many Zionists knew this, which is why they sought to expel or kill indigenous Palestinians from their land so as to do to Palestine what the white Europeans did to Australia and make an indigenous people an insignificant minority on their own land.

In the past, “Israel” saved its fanaticism for the Arabs it never had any respect for, but today the fanaticism has turned inward, exposing a colonial society that is incredibly ill at ease with itself. Part of this mania is due to the fact that for “Israel”, no war can be won, but in order to preserve the colonial project, war must be endless. The moment “Israel” were to renounce war, that would be the moment when it would cease to exist as the Palestinians would peacefully reclaim that which is theirs and a South African style post-Apartheid solution would be the result.

Long before the phrase ‘rainbow nation’ was coined to connote post-apartheid South Africa, the Levant was always a ‘rainbow region’. There were Shi’a Muslims and Orthodox Christians, Maronite and Roman Catholics, Jews and Sunni Muslims. There were Arabs, Hellens, Druze, Armenians and Bedouins. There is no reason why the Levant could not become like this again. The only odd entity out is the Zionist regime.

Today though, “Israel” is not only losing wars, but it is losing the ability to be on a 24/7 war footing. The reason that a small entity like “Israel” has such a large military is because of conscription. Men and women are forced to take up arms. Recently, there have been protests among religious Jews who refuse to fight, but if “Israel’s” war with reality continues, it will also be secular Zionists who will refuse to fight, just as all conscription armies that are forced to be on a constant war footing, typically collapse. This was the case in late Apartheid South Africa when many white conscripts asked themselves just what it is they were fighting for?

This is why “Israeli” officials continue to project their own fears onto others, while perversely naming it aggression. Just today, “Israel” told Syria and Iran not to “play with fire”, even though as the facts on the ground show, it was “Israel” that played with fire. It was the occupier that attacked Syria without provocation and in return, Syria’s armed forces shot down an incoming “Israeli” F-16 in self-defence.

It is not Iran that threatens its neighbours, it is “Israel” that has been at war with every one of its neighbours, and beyond with Iraq. It is not Syria that has occupied “Israel”, but “Israel” that occupies Syria. It is “Israel” that has occupied Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine and Syria, while no Arab country has ever occupied a Zionist entity. It is “Israel” that calls Muslims and Arabs divided when in reality, the divides between an extreme right wing, religious Jews and secular individuals who are sick of being constantly at war are growing, all while they live side by side on stolen Palestinian land.

Had “Israel” invaded when Syria was on its knees in 2014, it could have probably toppled the Syrian government with the private approval of the US, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and possibly even Turkey, due to the political realities of Turkey in 2014 which were very different from how they are now.

Today, “Israel” has come face to face with its own limitations while pretending that others are doing what it has actually done. The “Israeli Invincibility Myth”, is not the only myth that Syria shattered when downing the infamous F-16. Syria has also exposed the fact that “Israel” for all its weaponry is living on borrowed time, because a colonial state which forces its adherents to be constantly at war cannot survive. One must be reminded that “Israel” is not the US, a country large enough to have a large army made up of poorly paid volunteers while the rest of America carries on with its life in a state of oblivion.

“Israel” is in panic mode because that which it has done to others, is inadvertently doing to itself. This combined with the decline of America’s influence in the Middle East, means that there is a finite time spam to the colonial experiment that is known as “Israel”. The more desperate one gets, the more vocal one becomes, just as sure as an animal is at its most violent and noisy as it is being slaughtered.

The western colonial concept is itself in its final hours. All that could retard its eventual collapse is for Arabs or Iranians to start believing the lies that “Israelis” have maddened themselves with over the last 70 years.

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