Hamas: Hypocrites, Opportunists, Terrorists or All of The Above?

Hamas has been a suspicious organisation from the moment it was founded in 1987. Many have long suggested that Hamas was founded with the complicity and direct involvement of Mossad, the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. In terms of its behaviour and political position, many have further illustrated the fact that Hamas’s obstructionist position to the dialogue based peace process which has been endorsed by Fatah, plays into “Israel’s” hands as Hamas becomes the convenient excuse for Tel Aviv to discard Fatah’s overly good will and blame Hamas for its own failures. Furthermore, whereas the Popular Front for The Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has consistently stood by a peaceful, secular, Arabist ‘one state solution’, Hamas has courted support from the terrorist organisation Muslim Brotherhood (illegal in Syria, Egypt and Russia), which cannot bring about any hope for Palestine. While Hamas recently claims to have cut ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, few believe this to be the case.

Most treacherously, when Palestine’s biggest supporter in the Arab world, the Syrian Arab Republic came under attack by Takfiri terrorists, many Hamas fighters crossed into Syria to fight along side terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and FSA.

What good will the increasingly failed Hamas organisation has received from the outside world, has mostly been out of sympathy for the Palestinian people, rather than out of any great love for Hamas’s warped ideology. This is certainly true of Iran who was once willing to overlook Hamas’s ideology for the greater cause of supporting Palestine, even though Hamas’s stance in support of terrorism in Syria has put a damper on Iran’s support for the group.

While not ideologically pure like the PFLP nor internationally experienced like the Fatah party of the late Yasser Arafat, Hamas still cannot be ignored, due to the fact that they maintain control over occupied Gaza, in spite of a recent breakthrough power-sharing agreement with Fatah.

This is why Hamas’s statement in support of Syria’s successful self-defence measures taken against attacking “Israeli” fighter jets, has taken many by surprise. Hamas leader¬†Ismail Radwan, who has been photographed happily shaking hands with terrorists fighting against Syria, has stated, “We commend the Syrian response to the Israeli aggression.¬†We affirm that Palestine stands by Syria in the face of this hostile move”.

While Hamas does not and has never spoken for all of Palestine, Radwan then said that all Arabs should unite against Zionist aggression, an admirable statement, albeit one that does not appear sincere when coming from the mouth of a Hamas official.

In reality, Hamas is a chameleon with many different disguises. When Hamas fighters travelled to Syria to fight against the most pro-Palestine government in the Arab world, they are not only committing acts of terrorism and war crimes, but they are doing so in the most stupid, self-defeating manner possible. When Hamas shakes hands with Fatah leaders, renounces the Muslim Brotherhood and then does nothing to make good on its promises, Hamas is revealing its opportunistic tendencies. Lastly, when Hamas then praises a Syrian government it worked to destroy, it is being purely hypocritical.

Ultimately though, the hypocrisy of Hamas over Syria, sends an important message to both the US and “Israel”. It has always been the goal of both Washington and Tel Aviv to foment as many sectarian divides in the Arab world as possible. Were the Arab world to politically unite, it would allow all Arab states and Arab parties to focus on the last vestige of European imperialism in the Arab world: the Zionist entity which occupies Palestine.

While the US has predictably come out in support of “Israel’s” regression towards the Syrian Arab Republic, the response has been muted by Washington’s standards. Clearly, the US State Department fears that if the truth of Syria’s steadfast support of Palestine and opposition to Zionism is made abundantly clear, even among the most brainwashed factions in the Arab world, Syria could help to unite the Arab world against a common enemy. This goes against the desired goal in Washington and Tel Aviv of destroying the last dignified Arab government in the world – that lead by President Bashar al-Assad.

A hypocrite will unite with any faction he thinks he can benefit from. Thus, while Hamas praising Damascus is not coming from a position of sincerity, it is coming from a position of realism. This is what the US and “Israel” fear the most – unity based not around ideals, but around a common struggle that for too long has been obscured in the fog of sectarian war.

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