Tillerson’s Iran Remarks Simply Speak To How Strongly “Israel” Controls The United States

The conflict in Syria has multiple parties. The main parties to the conflict include:

–The Syrian Arab Army

–The Russian military

–The Turkish Army

–Multiple Takfiri terrorist groups flying upon many different flags

–Takfiri volunteers from the Caucuses

–Takfiri volunteers from South Asia

–Takfiri volunteers from Europe and North America

–Takfiri volunteers from East Asia

–Russian anti-Daesh volunteers

–International anti-Daesh mercenaries

–Iranian military advisers

–The Kurdish YPG/PKK

–Western anarchists fighting for the YPG/PKK

–US armed forces

–“Israeli” aerial aggressors and covert “Israeli” agents on the ground

–Popular Mobilisation Units made up of Syrians, Iraqis and others

–Hezbollah (Lebanon)

–Saudi terrorist agents

–Various armed forces from the EU plus America’s Jordanian ally

And yet of all of these various legal and illegal forces, US Secretary of States Rex Tillerson has just singled out one of the few legal forces in the country and said Iran must leave Syria. Forgetting the irony of a foreign minister whose own country’s presence in Syria is both illegal and unwanted by most of the other factions, there is another reason why Tillerson has singled out Iran.

Iran in Syria – The Facts 

Currently, Iran has fewer military advisers in Syria than any other major nation with the exception of “Israel” whose meddling in Syria typically comes in the form of cut-and-run airstrikes, in addition to an unknown number of double-agents hiding out with opponents of Syria in the country.

While Turkey, Russia and the United States have a substantial number of troops and advisers in Syria, Iran’s presence is generally limited to a small number of military advisers who have aided the Syrian Arab Army in its anti-Takfiri operations.

Because the number of actual Iranian advisers (thought to be in the very low thousands at this stage of the conflict) in Syria is negligible compared to that other factions, “Israel” continues to associate Arab units with Iran, in order to deceive the wider world regarding Iran having a larger presence in Syria than it does.

Most typically, Hezbollah volunteers as well as the joint Iraqi/Syrian Popular Mobilisation Units are described by “Israel” as Iranian forces. This is of course a lie. While these are Arab forces who are allied with Iran, they are also allied with Syria and by extrapolation with Russia, yet no one calls such forces Syrian or Russian forces, even though ironically there are many Syrians who form the core of the so-called Iranian PMUs. Ultimately, unlike Russia, Syria, Iran and Turkey’s armed forces who coordinate their efforts so as not to get in each other’s way, the small Arab volunteer militias, while supporting Syria with Damascus’s permission, often have a mind of their own and occasionally do things that would not otherwise be approved by any of the major state parties to the conflict.

“Israel’s prerogative” 

While “Israel” has co-opted Egypt and Jordan, continues to occupy Syria in what is shaping up to be a new cold war style conflict and frequently threatens Lebanon, it is Iran that is the number one boogie-man for the Tel Aviv regime. In order for “Israel” to justify its 24/7 war footing, it prefers not to state that if the country disarmed and released its often unwilling conscripts to civilian life, Palestinians would peacefully reclaim the land which is their’s.

Because Iran is a large country that unlike every Arab nation save Syria, continues to diplomatically agitate on behalf of Palestine, Iran is an easy rhetorical target for a Zionist regime that requires war in order to guarantee its existence. This fact alone, demonstrates the absurdity of the continued occupation of Palestine, as “Israel” is one of the few entities in the world that requires war rather than peace to safeguard its status.

Russia and Iran are in the same position 

From a legal standpoint, Russia and Iran’s position in Syria is exactly the same. Both countries have been invited by the Syrian government to help in the fight against terrorism and both have accepted and continue to help in their own unique capacities. As even Zionist media outlets are aware, Russia’s powerful Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stated that Iran’s presence in Syria is legitimate and thus Russia would never make any demand on Iran to leave, just as Iran would likewise never make such a demand regarding Russia. Because Russia and Iran along with Turkey form the Astana partnership which will act as a joint guarantors of a final peace in Syria, there is simply no chance of Iran or Russia order one another’s withdrawal, not least because Syria continues to welcome both.

Iran responds

Like Syria, Russia and increasingly Turkey also,  Iran has retorted to Tillerson’s remarks demanding Iran leave Syria, saying that instead it is the US which must leave Syria, as the US is uninvited while Iran acts in accordance with Syria’s legal invitation. As Iran’s presence is legal and the US presence is not, clearly, Iran can speak with authority on such a matter.

“Israel’s” control over US policy 

While Russia, Syria, Iran and Turkey are all increasingly committed to a post-conflict Syria that does not include a role for the United States, each of these states have various goals and therefore express their views on the situation in Syria using very different rhetoric. By contrast, when US officials speak about the much overblown Iranian presence in Syria, they speak using the exact same rhetoric and likewise accuse Iran of being responsible for  the actions of non-Iranian actors in the country. The most recent example of such lies was when both Tel Aviv and the US blamed Iran for flying a drone in occupied Syria, thus triggering an “Israeli” attack on the country. There has been no evidence that Iranian advisers were even in south-western Syria at the time of the attack and furthermore, Iran and Syria have both vehemently denied Tehran’s involvement.


While every party to the Syrian conflict speaks in its own voice, the US and “Israel” offer the same false accusations about Iran, while both lying about the nature of Iran’s role in Syria and finally, both resort to condemning Iran in the exact same terms. The only logical conclusion that can be reached is that the it is “Israel’s” anti-Iranian mania which is controlling America’s Middle Eastern policy.

So much for “America first”.

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