“Israel” Shoots To Kill On Anniversary of Palestinian Massacre

40 unarmed Palestinians have been injured, many severely as demonstrators gathered throughout the occupied West Bank and occupied Gaza to commemorate the slaughter of 29 Palestinians who were killed as they prayed by the “Israeli” terrorist Baruch Goldstein in 1994. Goldstein was a member of Kach, a radical terrorist group which called for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Yesterday, 23 Palestinians suffered from gunshot wounds in Gaza after coming under attack from “Israeli” officers while a further 17 were wounded in the occupied West Bank. One man was shot in the head, while others have suffered bullet wounds to their torsos, indicating that the officers of the occupier regime were given shoot to kill orders against the peaceful demonstrators.

This has become an incredibly frequent occurrence, for which the regime generally faces no consequences from the international community.

Thus far, the UN has failed to condemned this latest act of aggression by the regime.

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