Iranian-American Women Harassed On Live TV For Defending Islamic Revolution

Hoda Katebi is a Chicago based Iranian-American fashion writer and entrepreneur who was recently interviewed by WGN, a long running television channel. During the interview which was supposed to be about Katebi’s theories and experiences in the fashion business, the news anchors turned hostile and begun attacking the Islamic Revolution, while challenging whether Katebi was sufficiently American, in spite of the fact she is a US citizen.

When challenged, Katebi correctly pointed out that educational standards, particularly for women in Iran, along with job opportunities have increased dramatically since the Islamic Revolution 1979. She also explained the wealth gap in Iran under the tyrannical¬†Pahlavi regime, much to the surprise of her pro-monarchy American interviewers. Katebi then criticised the dishonest record of the US government while pointing out that much of America’s historic wealth was built on the back of African slavery and the genocide of indigenous peoples.

Since then, Katebi has received numerous death threats and obscene messages, but she has failed to renounce her religious and political beliefs. While US media has taken a grim view of Katebi’s stance, RT gave her the opportunity to defend her views where she spoke of experiencing¬† acts of aggression on American streets. Nevertheless, she explained that it is “Israeli” propaganda which has turned ordinary Americans, most of whom have never met a Muslim in their life, against a religion they know little about.

Katebi should be applauded for correctly articulating the realities of Iranian history, American history and Zionist propaganda in the United States. Below is her entire interview on RT, a channel which has proved far more open minded than WGN.

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