This Chart Shows Why “Israel” Is Far More Dangerous Than Iran

“Israeli” regime leader Benjamin Netanyahu has called Iran the “greatest threat to the world”, in yet another attempt to promulgate big lies about Iran.

The leadership of the occupier entity continue to blame Iran for the fact that the Syrian Arab Army downed the regime’s F-16 fighter jet during an illegal “Israeli” attack on Syrian sovereign territory.

The following chart demonstrates just how patently absurd Netanyahu’s claims about Iran actually are.

Countries Invaded/Attacked Since 194805
Countries Occupied Since 194804
Countries Currently Occupying02 (+ incursions into Lebanon)
Nuclear WeaponsNoYes
Legal Nuclear WeaponsSigned JCPOA Renouncing Nuclear WeaponsNo–“Israel” refuses to even admit to its nuclear programme
Women Forced To Join MilitaryNoYes
Percentage of GDP Spent On Military3.05.7

As I wrote previously,

“Israel” has recently violently reiterated that it seeks to collectively punish the sovereign states of Syria and Iran for anything Hezbollah does that Tel Aviv finds disagreeable. This serves several perverse purposes for Tel Aviv.

First of all, it is designed to frighten Syria and Iran into molesting Hezbollah’s much valued sovereignty as a Resistance organisation and secondly it serves to wage a propaganda war, whereby Syria and Iran are held responsible for things they did not do, irrespective of their opinions which naturally favour the Lebanese Resistance against the common enemy of “Israel”. It also serves to embarrass “alt-media” pundits who might wish for Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and the PMUs to act as a unitary monolith, which is not the case and likely never will be.

Collective punishment is a doctrine that has been used time and again by “Israel” so that it can escape scrutiny. It was early European Jewish colonists of Palestine who sought to hold the entire German nation responsible for the horrors of the Holocaust even though, many Germans were active members of the resistance. By holding the German people collectively responsible, it helped propagate the myth that the colonisation of Palestine was supported by all those who profess to practice the Jewish faith, even though this too was a lie.

In reality, the German resistance was so large that many of its leaders and supporters  helped to form the progressive, Soviet allied Germany Democratic Republic (East Germany) after the war. Such people cannot rationally be blamed let alone punished for the crimes of their opponents who happen to share the same ethnicity. Today, little has changed, as “Israel” has rebuked Poland for passing a law which seeks to protect the Polish people from defamatory accusations that they were responsible for the crimes that the Hitler regime committed on occupied Polish soil – crimes which targeted both Roman Catholics Poles and Polish Jews. Here, one sees “Israel” trying to inflict punishment on Poland by tarring its reputation  based on the acts of those who themselves occupied and harmed Poland.

In respect of the Syria conflict, “Israel” has used the big Hezbollah lie to repeatedly violate Syria’s territorial integrity and commit war crimes on Syrian soil, usually in the form of airstrikes which de-facto aid the position of Takfiri terrorists vis-a-vis Syria and her allies”.


“Israel’s” Doctrine of Collective Punishment Poisons Rational Debate On Syria, Iran and Volunteer Militias

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