The Arab League is Completely Failing Lebanon in An Hour of Need

Lebanese General Joseph Aoun has affirmed his country’s readiness to defend itself against another “Israeli” invasion after multiple threats from Tel Aviv have been issued against Beirut. General Aoun stated,

“I reaffirm again our categorical rejection of the Israeli enemy infringing on Lebanon’s sovereignty and its sacred right to exploit all its economic resources. The army will not spare any method available to confront any Israeli aggression, whatever that costs”.

All of Lebanon’s major parties, including those that normally oppose one another on domestic issues, have taken a united stand against the latest threats of war from Tel Aviv. The Zionist regime has threatened violence against Lebanon after Beirut expressed its willingness to work with international partners to cultivate its off shore gas fields. At this point, Tel Aviv officials, including the Defence Minister threatened military action against Lebanon, saying that Lebanon’s gas fields actually belong to Tel Aviv. At the same time, “Israeli” soldiers have begun the erection of a border wall between Lebanon and occupied Palestine which is being illegally constructed on Lebanese territory. Both of these provocative acts have fostered a display of unity in Lebanon, with the Islamic Resistance Party Hezbollah stating that they will attack “Israel’s” own energy resources if war were to break out.

Lebanon is once again under threat from its nuclear armed neighbour, yet the wider international community is stunningly silent. The US offered Beirut an insulting and instantly rejected proposal to share its own gas supplies with “Israel”, but more worrying is the stunning silence from the Arab League.

As a member of the Arab League that is under the direct threat of a renewed “Israeli” invasion, it is the duty of fellow Arab League members to come to the defence of Lebanon. Lebanon’s sovereignty and its right to exploit its own natural resources for the benefit of its people is being used by a regime that has twice occupied Lebanon, as an excuse to threaten war.

If this were happening in any other part of the world, the so-called international community of which the Arab League is supposed to be a member, would have resoundingly condemned “Israel’s” unprovoked threats of aggression.

Instead, members of the Arab league sympathetic to Egypt have taken the time to criticise Turkey over its Operation Olive Branch in Syria. This is the same Arab league that expelled one of its founding members, the Syrian Arab Republic under Saudi and Qatari pressure. Yet when it comes to “Israel” the entity that uniquely threatens the life, prosperity, freedom and dignity of every Arab state, there is total silence, save for a largely meaningless statement delivered on the sidelines of the  Munich Security Conference. It seems that the Arab League is happy to criticise its own members as well as Turkey and Iran, but acts with stunned silence when it comes to the only real threat to Arab security and freedom: “Israel”.

The Arab League ought to convene a special session offering its full support to Lebanon while boldly renouncing “Israeli” threats towards Beirut. The Arab League states should then take the matter to the UN and work to secure a resolution in the Security Council which authorises the use of international force against “Israel” in the event of an attack on Lebanon.

This is what a genuine Arab League would look like. In fact, the Arab League has become a largely useless and lethargic body that is more apt at sowing discord between members than it is at forging Arab unity against common enemies. If a war comes to Lebanon, the Arab League will have itself to blame for failing to take any meaningful steps to prevent it.

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