Russia to Create Daily Humanitarian Pauses in Battle of Eastern Ghouta – the US Did No Such Thing in Raqqa or Mosul

The Russian Defence Ministry has announced that on a daily basis between the hours of 09:00 to 14:00, fighting will be paused in Eastern Ghouta in order to allow civilians to evacuate the terrorist occupied suburb before fighting resumes.

By contrast, the US never set up such humanitarian corridors or organised daily cessations in fighting in order to relieve the civilians of Raqqa in Syria or Mosul in Iraq, two cities totally obliterated by the US air force. Today, the few civilians returning to Raqqa and Mosul have found themselves victims of strategically placed land mines by Daesh as the US has not even attempted to de-mine the area. The Russian Federation has called for an international investigation of US actions in both Raqqa and Mosul as a result.

While some had questioned why Russia voted for a general Syrian ceasefire that it had opposed in an early draft form, the reality is that because Russia worked to secure a clause exempting terrorist groups from the pause in violence, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies will still be targeting hostile Takfiri jihadist groups occupying Eastern Ghouta on a daily basis, as they have done over the last several days.

Today’s news that the competing Takfiri groups in Eastern Ghouta have set up a joint command centre, has de-facto played into the hands of Syria as it will now be even more straightforward to classify a united terrorist font in Eastern Ghouta as a single unit, which it was for all intents and purposes even before the formal merging of jihadist command centres.

While the US continues to threaten Syria based on false reports from the pro-Al Qaeda organisation White Helmets, as the US and its allies voted in favour of the UN Security Resolution authorising the ceasefire, the US would be in violation of the Resolution it voted for were it to engage in any military action against Damascus.

In this sense Russia has secured a geopolitical victory against the US and its hostile partners, while also securing an opportunity for the Syrian Arab Army and its battlefield allies to concentrate its efforts on liberating Eastern Ghouta after years of brutal terrorist occupation, all the while protecting the citizens of Damscus from terrorist attacks emanating from Eastern Ghouta based jihadist groups.

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