The Internet is Helping Syria Win a History Changing Infowar

Throughout history, the United States has backed regimes and factions across the world that most Americans would never want to live under in any way, shape or form. This duality has been largely achieved by the fact that western mainstream media has been typically careful to never show the full distasteful characteristics of regimes and terror groups the US backs, while the lack of ‘options’ in America’s so-called democracy means that even if US citizens were aware of the horrific factions that the US has backed and continues to back abroad, there is little that anyone can do to change official policy.

While America’s democracy deficit remains intact, the mainstream media’s stranglehold on vital information has declined significantly. Some of the more detestable factions and regimes the US has either overtly or covertly backed include:

–The Afghan Mujahideen which later became al-Qaeda

–Pol Pot’s blood soaked Khmer Rouge

–The “Israeli” regime which continues to slaughter and displace Palestinian civilians on a daily basis

–The Saddam Hussein led government of Iraq which waged a western backed war on Iran

–The Chilean dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet

–The South Vietnamese dictatorship of Ngo Dinh Diem

–The South Korean dictatorship of Park Chung-hee

–The terrorist group KLA, known for its slaughter and displacement of Christians in the former Yugoslavia

–Daesh in the Middle East

–Al-Qaeda factions in Libya

–Muhammad Morsi’s anti-secular regime in Egypt

–The repressive pre-1979 Iranian monarchy

–The Greek junta of 1967-1974

–The overthrow of democratically elected Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam

–The Apartheid regime in South Africa

–The CIA installed dictatorship of Mobutu Sese Seko in Zaire

And these are just the ‘greatest hits’. Today in Syria, the US continues to support Al-Qaeda linked Daesh clones who occupy the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, based on a narrative that paints the terrorist aggressors as victims. In reality, it is the terrorist enclave in Eastern Ghouta which for years has terrorised the citizens of Damascus, with attacks becoming ever more ferocious in recent weeks.

While the mainstream media continues to promulgate a narrative that paints the aggressors as victims and the victims as aggressors, Syria’s Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari asked several rhetorical questions during his recent speech and the UN Security Council.

As I reported at the time,

“He (Al-Jaafari) then went on to criticise the French Ambassador whom Dr. Al-Jaafari remarked did not bother to stay and hear a Syrian speak about his own country. He said that France called the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta ‘legitimate resistance’. He then rhetorically asked that if there were terrorists groups on the outskirts of Paris, New York or London, if the French, British and American governments would be talking about evacuating “moderate rebels” or bringing them aid, or if instead they would act to clear their urban areas of terrorists? The answer is clear for anyone with common sense”.

It seems that many were in fact listening to Syria’s Ambassador as his words have inspired an online media campaign which depicts major western cities being ruled by the kinds of terrorists occupying Eastern Ghouta, all the while the western mainstream media perversely still refers to these terrorists as “moderate rebels”.

Here are some of the visual highlights:

The message could not  be clearer. Western citizens, like citizens in most countries on earth, have a rational fear of armed Takfiri terrorists whose weapons are used to behead their civilian ‘enemies’. Yet in Syria, where in places like Eastern Ghouta, the terrorists have taken over and have proceeded to imprison civilians in cages, rape children, behead civilians without a shred of justification and shoot deadly rockets at Damascus, such people are considered friends and allies of the US, major EU powers, Saudi Arabia and “Israel” and they are praised as such at the United Nations.

Prior to the advent of the internet and social media, victims of repressive, regressive and blood-soaked pro-US regimes and terror groups could not get their message across, but today they can. Because of this, rather than admit that the ‘game is up’, western leaders are working with corporate social media networks to censor free speech which actively protests western policies of aligning their countries with barbaric groups such as Al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Eastern Ghouta.

The more the truth comes out, the more western so-called democratic leaders try to censor it. In reality though, in spite of the attempts at censorship, the message is in fact getting through. People are beginning to realise that unlike for example the war in Yemen, the war in Syria is a simple conflict that puts a secular, tolerant, pro-woman, pro-minority, progressive government against the most vile, regressive and oppressive terrorist group on earth. And guess which side the US and its allies wants to win….it isn’t the good guys.

People are also starting to realise that the only reason why the US and its EU partners are so eager to see a terrorist victory in Syria, is because the “Israeli” regime will stop at nothing to destabilise and ideally overthrow the Syrian Arab Republic. This is because President Bashar al-Assad’s government is the last government in the Arab world to call for the full liberation of Palestine. Because of this “Israel” continues to back any faction seeking to destroy the Syrian government, while the US and EU states continue to do “Israel’s” bidding without a moment’s pause.

Syria’s war on the ground continues, but when it comes to winning hearts and minds, the power of the internet has allowed Syria and its supporters to spread a simple message of truth that in any prior decade would have never seen the light of day in Europe, North America, Australia or Japan. This is why people like Nikki Haley remain so frightened of Syria. Syria has the truth on its side and now millions around the world know it.

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