Kurdish Terrorism: The One Issue Over Which The Islamic Resistance Rolls Over for “Israel”

News has broken this morning that Czech authorities have released the former leader of the Syrian based Kurdish terror group PYD, Saleh Muslim. Muslim was arrested by Interpol in Prague after Turkish journalists spotted the wanted terrorists in Europe, where he had been delivering speeches to anti-Turkish groups. Turkish government spokesman Bekir Bozdag stated that Muslim’s release shows “clear support for terrorism”. What is more worrying than Muslim’s release, is that many activists and journalists who are part of the wider Islamic Resistance (the informal alliance between Syria, Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah and other legal volunteer militias including the PMUs) in the Middle East, are cheering the decision to set Muslim free.

The genesis of the Resistance’s sympathies for Muslim and his PYD stems from the fact that as geopolitical expert Andrew Korybko recently pointed out, many in the Resistance have accustomed themselves towards feigning sympathy with Kurdish radicals in Syria because they are seen as the “lesser evil” via-a-vis Turkey. Because of this, many in the Resistance are quick to slam those sympathetic to their wider cause, but opposed to Kurdish ethno-nationalism as ‘Turkish agents’, in a manner as simplistic as that employed by western mainstream media when they make the assumption that anyone with a less than a totally negative view of Russia is a ‘Kremlin troll’.

In reality, while emotions between the Islamic Resistance and Turkey run high, many within the Islamic Resistance are ignoring the fact that the ambition of Kurdish terror groups like PYD/YPG, is shared by “Israel”, the foremost enemy of the Islamic Resistance.

The reasons behind this are both historic and pragmatic. “Israel” has had a long history of aiding, funding and offering political support to any Kurdish group that threatens the territorial integrity of any Arab state which supports Palestine. Today, “Israeli” leaders continue to support Kurdish insurgents in Iraq and their ethno-nationalist brethren in Syria.

The reason behind this support between Tel Aviv and Kurdish extremists is clear. So long as Syria and Iraq exist, these two Arab nations will continue to support Palestine. Many Zionist leaders are openly dismayed with the reality that a post-Saddam Iraq is run by individuals aligned with Iran who have no desire to procure a Jordanian or Egyptian style selling-out to Tel Aviv. Likewise, because the Zionist regime has failed to foment ‘regime change’ in Damascus, they along with their American allies have pivoted their strategy to one of bifurcating Syrian territory through the creation of an illegal Kurdish statelet on Turkey’s borders and atop Syria’s oil fields. This threatens the territorial integrity of Syria as well as the security of Turkey for clear enough reasons.

I personally do not object to the wider Resistance feeling of anger at continued Turkish incursions into Syria. Such individuals want Syria’s territory restored to its legal sovereign in its entirety and so do I. The difference is that while I personally see Turkey as a power that can be spoken with via a Russian or Iranian intermediary, the “Israeli” regime cannot and should not be engaged with at a diplomat level by Syria because “Israel” seeks the destruction of the Syrian Arab Republic while Turkey does not, in spite of what various Turkish alt-media personalities might say.

No one but “Israel” could benefit from a war between Turkey and Syria. This is why the only sensible option is to negotiate a gentlemanly Turkish withdrawal from Syria after Syria finishes its anti-terrorist operations against Al-Qaeda in Damascus and Idlib and after Turkish finishes its anti-YPG/PYD/PKK Operation Olive Branch.

If Syria was strategically foolish enough to declare a war on Turkey, that would be one thing, but the fact that many Syrians and members of the wider Islamic Resistance are now willing to over look the terrorist crimes, included anti-Arab ethnic cleansing committed by the YPG/PYD in order to antagonise Turkey, is a sign that the Islamic Resistance has fallen into a dangerous Zionist trap.

The YPG/PYD have a goal of creating a pro-“Israel” statelet on Syrian territory. In order to accomplish this they need to fight against both Turkey and Syria. The fact that they’ve lured some Syrian volunteers into the fight already, is a sign that some in the Islamic Resistance are oblivious to the obvious bait and switch technique that the YPG/PYG/PKK are employing. If Syria and Turkey end up in a formal state of war, into the power vacuum created by such a conflict, the Kurdish radicals will be able to finalise the stages of their pro-“Israel” statelet which has already been partially declared in respect of the so-called “Rojava” federation in northern Syria. The US is of course salivating at the prospect of helping the YPG/PYD to accomplish this, as are the leaders in Tel Aviv.

While ill feeling between the wider Resistance community and Turkey will surely prevail into the medium term future, this is not an excuse to adopt the thoroughly discredited strategy that “the enemy of my enemy, is my friend”. Far from the lesser of two evils, any radical armed group that openly wants to permanently seize the territory of an Arab republic in order to create a pro-“Israel” statelet, is necessarily the bigger enemy, not least because Turkey remains on exceptionally good terms with Russia and to a lesser but still meaningful degree, with Iran.

No one is asking Syria to accept the occupation of an inch of her territory, but the Resistance must internalise the cold hard reality that if it remains determined to confront Turkey on the battlefield rather than at the diplomatic negotiation table, they will be paving the way for “Israel” to use its well known proxies to occupy even more of Syria than they already do.

To allow this to happen would be worse than a mistake, it would represent a criminal injustice to Syria, to Palestine and to the wider world.

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