Qatar Contacts Mueller Over Kushner’s Saudi Conspiracy Against Doha

The world has already learned that due to the meddling of Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, Russiagate was in actual fact Israelgate. This is due to the fact that it has become known that it was Kushner who instructed Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn to contact various foreign Ambassadors including Russia’s Ambassador to Washington, in order to attempt and secure the delay of a vote on so-called “Israeli settlements” at the UN. The reason for this meddling, was due to the fact that during the transition period between Trump’s election and inauguration, it became known that the outgoing Obama administration was prepared to break with US tradition and vote to condemn “Israel” at the UN.

Now through, the scandals around Trump’s family have moved to another part of the Middle East. Not only was Jared Kushner involved in Israelgate, now it seems he was also involved with Qatargate. On June the 5th, 2017, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt instigated an economic and diplomatic boycott of Qatar. While Riyadh justifies its ongoing boycott due to pro-Iranian statements allegedly attributed to Qatar’s Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, the reality of the conflict may lead not to Tehran or Doha but to Washington and New York. While Al-Thani denied making the remarks reported by Saudi media, the boycott ensued, nevertheless.

Now however, Qatar is preparing to discuss what actually happened with FBI Director Robert Mueller who is currently investigating Donald Trump and his associates. It appears that two weeks prior to the Saudi led Qatar boycott, Jared Kushner was trying to secure an investment deal with Doha. The deal fell through much to Kushner’s dissatisfaction and shortly thereafter, it is thought that Kushner spoke with his close Saudi associates and green lighted or perhaps even orchestrated the subsequent boycott which continues to plague Gulf Cooperation Council relations.

Kushner’s hand in the anti-Qatar boycott would explain a lot about the ongoing crisis. For instance, while Riyadh and Doha have had disputes in the past, the onset of the current boycott was incredibly sudden even by GCC standards and seemed to be justified on the flimsiest of evidence relating to vaguely positive yet totally unverified statements that Qatar’s Emir made regarding Iran. Furthermore, in the aftermath of the boycott’s onset, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson publicly declared Washington’s neutrality in a dispute between two longstanding regional allies of the United States. In spite of Tillerson’s commitment to neutrality in the conflict, Donald Trump made overtly pro-Saudi/anti-Qatari statements shortly after Tillerson make his remarks.

If it is true that the US President conducted his policy towards Doha and Riyadh on the basis of defending his son-in-law who was upset about a failed business deal with Qatar, this could be one of the biggest of many scandals to spring up around Kushner and Trump.

Recently, Kushner has lost some of his security privileges in the White House in a clear sign that Kushner’s role as his father-in-law’s general policy adviser is under intense scrutiny. Kushner who has zero foreign policy experience also appears to have no foreign policy knowledge. His attempts to manipulate foreign policy in order to serve his personal business ambitions, further demonstrate a clear conflict of interests within the White House which may well land Kushner with legal problems of his own.

While Qatar has largely weathered the storm of the ongoing boycott, it may be the alleged instigator of the dispute, Jared Kushner who ends up being the first political victim in a conflict of his own making.

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