The Warsaw Ghetto and East Ghouta Ghetto – Two Uprisings But Only One is Acknowledged

It has become known that the civilians of Eastern Ghouta have attempted to take up arms and defend themselves against their Takfiri terrorist occupiers. For years, the ordinary people of Eastern Ghouta have lived as slaves in the outdoor concentration camp that is Takfiri occupied Eastern Ghouta. With many of the jihadist groups occupying the Damascus suburb now fighting among themselves as the liberating forces of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies approach the region, ordinary people have risen to resist their hated occupiers.

Predictably, the terrorist occupiers have struck back, imposing curfews under the penalty of instant death, while refusing to allow civilians to evacuate through humanitarian corridors, in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2401. Meanwhile, video has emerged showing terrorists firing on men helping children to evacuate terrorist occupied Ghouta in a harrowing display of compassion facing down barbarism.

Shamefully, the wealthy owners and employees of western mainstream media outlets have not reported this new reality of resistance in Eastern Ghouta against terrorist occupation. In the spring of 1943, a similar event happened in the fascist occupied Jewish Ghetto of Warsaw. At that time, inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto rose up against heavily armed Nazi occupiers. While the uprising was put down by the Nazis, just as the Takfiri terrorists are trying their best to put down the resistance to their occupation of Eastern Ghouta, eventually, Soviet troops liberated Warsaw and all of Poland from the fascist occupier.

Just as the Nazis engaged in calculated enslavement and extermination of civilians, so too do the Takfiri terrorists. Because their methods are even more Medieval, some of the imagery of beheadings, auctions of human slaves, cannibalism and accounts of systematic rape are even more brutal than those which exist from the 1930s and 1940s in fascist occupied Europe.

It is this kind of barbarism that the civilians of Eastern Ghouta are rising against. But while the harrowing tales of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising have been immortalised in books, television specials and feature films, the struggle of Syrians against terrorist occupation is going largely unnoticed.

A combination of racism against ordinary Arabs, combined with the desire of western countries and their regional allies in Tel Aviv, Doha and Riyadh to continue funding and arming their terrorist proxies, has meant that western mainstream media is silent about the real nature of the Eastern Ghouta uprising.

With the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, including the Russian grandchildren and great grandchildren of the liberators of Europe making progress towards Eastern Ghouta, there is hope that many of these trapped civilians will soon be freed. When this happens however, don’t expect their tales to be told on CNN, the BBC or in The New York Times. Such is the duplicity of these media outlets whose coverage favours the oppressors over the oppressed.

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