Remembering Dr. Liza: Graham Phillips’s Full Length Documentary Available in English

On 25 December, 2016, a Russian Defence Ministry Tu-154 crashed into the Black Sea near Sochi. The tragedy of this incident was made all the more haunting due to the fact that the ill fated passengers included almost every member of the famed Alexandrov Choir, often referred to as the Red Army Choir. Also on broad was Elizaveta Petrovna Glinka, a medical charity worker better known as Dr. Liza.

Dr. Liza’s charitable endeavours made her a household name throughout the Russian speaking world. In recent years, she led efforts to provide medical care and attrition to children who had been effected by the war in Donbass. Thee which crashed in the Black Sea was headed for Syria where Dr. Liza had intended to work with wounded children in the ongoing conflict there.

While many feared that her charitable organisation Fair Aid could not continue in her absence, other members have pledged to maintain the charity as a lasting legacy to a woman whose life was taken far too soon.

Independent journalist Graham Phillips knew Dr. Liza and had the opportunity to interview her and the children whose lives she touched in Donbass. Phillips produced a feature length documentary film about Dr. Liza that has now been translated into English by Anna Giard. The entire film can be viewed below.

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