Europe is Worryingly Ignoring Its Racist and Violent Radical Kurdish Terrorist Problem

From jihadists crushing people under cars and trucks, to far-right groups threatening the lives of minorities, Europe is experiencing waves of social violence not seen since the heyday of the Baader-Meinhof Gang and Brigate Rosse. Anyone who abhors terrorism and violence should take notice of radical far-left Kurdish groups in Germany who have began a calculated campaign of violence against Turkish targets in Europe. An online media campaign among radical Kurdish groups have promised to take their war from the streets of Turkey and Syria, to the heart of Europe.

Last night, several Turkish owned businesses, cultural centres and two mosques, one in Berlin and another in Lauffen am Neckar were burnt in arson attacks from radical Kurdish groups. According to German media,

“Unknown attackers hurled incendiary devices at the centre in the town of Ahlen, police said, also telling national news agency DPA they were not ruling out a political motive. At the weekend molotov cocktails were thrown at Turkish community mosques in Berlin and the town of Lauffen, a cultural centre in Meschede and a Turkish vegetable shop in Itzehoe, where the windows of a mosque were also smashed”.

Far from just limiting their attacks to Turkish targets, Sputnik reports that radical Kurdish groups have issued a call to “turn Europe into rubble and ash”. It beggars belief that these vicious attacks are getting comparatively little coverage in the European media. This is symptomatic of a European political elite who for too long have been blind to historic traditions of terrorism among radical Kurdish groups. Making matters worse, it has been the unhealthy anti-Turkish sentiments of many European governments, including the German government, that have allowed Kurdish terrorism to go unnoticed, even as Kurdish groups on social media openly proclaim their version of a ‘jihad’ against Europe.

Had a Takfiri jihadist set fire to a German shopping centre, it would have been front page news. Had a neo-Nazi group blown up a Jewish community centre, this too would have been front page news. Why then are coordinated terrorist attacks against mosque frequented by Turks in Germany also not front page news?

From the US in Afghanistan during the 1980s, to the US and its EU partners in recent wars against Libya and Syria, western powers have been known to arm and fund radical jihadist terrorists and have subsequently suffered from the phenomenon of terrorist blow-back.

Now, Germany’s streets have suffered from the kind of PKK style attack that Turkish civilians have had to face for decades. Terrorism of any variety can only be defeated if all responsible governments work together to stop violence among non-state radical groups. While Germany and other EU states including France have openly criticised Turkey’s anti-terrorist Operation Olive Branch in northern Syria, they are worryingly silent when it comes to condemning terrorist attacks by the supporters of PKK/YPG in the heart of Europe.

It is bad enough to face terrorist threats, but to turn one’s head away from violence is totally inexcusable. The only safe and just solution is for governments like those of Germany to work with Turkey to defeat the proliferation of terrorism throughout the world.

Turkey has urged Germany to stand up to what the Foreign Ministry in Ankara called, “The increasing attacks on Turkish mosques in Germany by racist, anti-Islam factions and the PKK terrorist organisations”. Before the problem spirals out of control Europe must say no to the PKK and its sympathisers who pose every bit as much danger to the people of Europe as jihadists and neo-Nazis.

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