All It Will Take is One Whistle Blower to Expose the Cracks in the Official Skripal Narrative

Those who are convinced that the guilty without evidence narrative regarding the Sergey Skripal affair will remain even somewhat believable to even the most gullible person, should remember that the English town of Salisbury is located far closer to the operational centres of many large English language media outlets than was Baghdad, Mosul, Idlib or Aleppo. It did not take long after the illegal war on Iraq began for the world to realise that George W. Bush and Tony Blair had lied about weapons of mass destruction, while those calling them liars from the beginning were in fact telling the truth. It took somewhat longer for the world to realise the full depths of the depraved and legally defined criminal behaviour that so-called coalition troops were engaged in during their occupation of Iraq. Specifically, it was in 2010, almost six years after the initial invasion, that Wikileak’s released the cables leaked by Chelsea Manning that detailed the full horrors of what the US and its partners were doing to the Iraqi people.

Likewise, it took weeks and in some cases months for the White Helmets group operating in Syria to be exposed as an Al-Qaeda aligned propaganda outlet releasing videos of increasingly poorly staged false flag attacks in order to defame the Syrian government and its partners in the real war against terrorism.

But while Chelsea Manning and the White Helmets operate in war zones, Sergey Skripal was poisoned in the middle of a quiet English town. Just about everyone in such a town has smart phones, easy internet access and access to major international media outlets through the internet or telephone. All it will take is one person to leak information about what the scientists in the town are actually saying to one another, what the doctors and nurses are saying and what Sergey Skripal might actually look like at this time, to expose major cracks in the official narrative, one that is now being openly questioned, not only in so-called alternative media but also in ultra-mainstream papers including the Guardian, Independent and even the Spectator magazine and the Daily Telegraph.

The lack of official information is indicative of a ruling elite who are hiding behind a paper tiger. If there was in fact a proverbial smoking gun, it would behove them from a public relations perspective, to provide it, just as it would have been beneficial for Bush and Blair to find a pile of weapons of mass destruction under a giant photo of Saddam Hussein.

Perhaps the lack of a forthcoming whistle blower is becomes those in the position to blow such a whistle have been threatened, but from Nixon and Reagan, to Bush and Blair, whistle blowers always stepped forward to expose the biggest scandals of the day. In this sense, it may be only a matter of time before someone who has access to more information about the Skripal affair.

Those who believe that the anti-Russian narrative might be more air tight than the mythical narratives about Syria and Iraq, only needs to look to the most anti-Russian regime in the world, to realise that even there the truth can come out. In 2014, the Ukrainian fascists who subsequently led a coup against the legitimate government in February of that year, claimed that snipers shooting at both the public and police on the Maidan in central Kiev, were Russians or those working for Russia.

Recently, a far right member of the Kiev parliament Nadezhda Savchenko has accused a fellow far-right political leader Andriy Parubiy of personally escorting snipers to their eventual locations in the Maidan. Furthermore, information has come out from independent sources, stating that the snipers were neither Russian nor Ukrainian citizens but were Georgian mercenaries paid for by local agitators.

If such valuable information exposing mainstream media lies about Russia can be exposed in Kiev of all places, then in Salisbury, it is only a matter of time before someone tells the truth, whether motivated by conscience like Chelsea Manning, or for fame.

The clock on the shambolic mainstream media/political narrative about Sergey Skirpal is ticking and ticking fast.

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