Statistics Show That Trump Voters Love Pornography: Stormy Daniels Won’t Bring Him Down

The professional pornographic performer known as Stormy Daniels is in the midst of legal problems involving Donald Trump and his team of lawyers. Daniels apparently signed a confidentiality agreement with Trump’s lawyers prior to the election, where she agreed to take a large sum of money in exchange for not telling the press about an encounter she had with Trump several years prior to his run for President.

Now, Daniels wants to forfeit the money she took in exchange for her ability to tell (and sell) her story to media outlets, while Trump’s team are suing her because they allege that she has already broken the confidentiality agreement.

Politically, many are saying that if she exposes the ‘inside information’ regarding her previous association with Trump, that it will bring down his presidency. The statistics however, point to a very different reality. People living in states that voted for Donald Trump are America’s biggest consumers of pornography.

Below are a list of the states that according to a 2017 statistical tabulation from PornHub, spent the longest time watching pornography per visit to a pornographic website. 9 out of ten of these states voted for Trump in the 2016 Presidential election.

1. Mississippi–57.94% for Trump

2. Alabama–62.08% for Trump

3. South Carolina–54.94% for Trump

4. Louisiana–58.09% for Trump

5. Arkansas–60.57% for Trump

6. Tennessee–60.72% for Trump

7. Hawaii–30.03% for Trump

8. Georgia–50.77% for Trump

9. Indiana–56.82% for Trump

10. Oklahoma–65.32% for Trump

Thus, one sees with the lone exception of Barack Obama’s childhood state of Hawaii, all of the others who like to watch a lot of pornography at one time, are in states that voted for Trump.

A set of statistics from 2009 show the top ten US states for purchasing pornographic materials online. Here are the top ten, following by what percentage these states voted for Trump in 2016.

1. Utah–45.54% for Trump, securing a victory in spite of falling below 50%. Hillary Clinton by contrast received only 27.46% in Utah.

2. Alaska–51.28% for Trump

3. Mississippi–57.94% for Trump

4. Hawaii–30.03% for Trump

5. Oklahoma–65.32% for Trump

6. Arkansas–60.57% for Trump

7. North Dakota–62.96% for Trump

8.  Louisiana–58.09% for Trump tied with Florida–49.02% (Trump won Florida in spite of securing less than 50%)

10. West Virginia–68.50% for Trump

Here too Hawaii is the only top ten state for buying pornography that in 2016, was not won by Donald Trump.

This means that far from finding pornography objectionable, the pornography demographic in the United States is largely also the Trump demographic. In this sense, it is fair to assume that Trump’s base know more about Stormy Daniels than those who voted for Hillary Clinton.

One can therefore conclude that just as the “pussygate” scandal during the election did not impact on Trump’s victory, nor will the even more allegedly pornographic Stormy Daniels scandal impact on Trump’s support among those who have already shown a a statistical preference for both pornography and Donald Trump.

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