Ukrainian Regime Prevents Russian Nationals from Voting in Presidential Election

Ukrainian regime police are currently blocking the entrances to consular facilities throughout the country, as Russian nationals attempt to cast votes in today’s presidential election. The Russian Embassy in Kiev as well as consular facilities in the historic Russian port of Odessa as well as the formerly Polish city of Lviv are being barricaded by armed police in violation of well established international norms. Sputnik reports that an officer of the regime in Lviv stated,

“We are letting in only those who work in the consulate and only in line with the list, which we have. We are not letting in anyone else”.

Meanwhile, the Russian Election Commission has reported that its website has come under a substantial internationally coordinated cyber attack, with foreign ‘bots’ from 15 countries including Ukraine, attacking Russian servers. Thus far, the attack has been contained by Russian cyber security services.

Russia has made a formal complaint to the OSCE regarding the illegal disruption of voting in Ukraine.

Preliminary results of today’s vote are expected at 21.00 Moscow time.


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