Watch: Syrian President Visits Liberated Territories in Eastern Ghouta as Tide Turns Around Damascus

The once unassailable bulwark of Takfiri terrorism in occupied Eastern Ghouta has seen jihadist fortifications rapidly fall to an advancing Syrian Arab Army. In spite of direct and implied threats from the United States of a missile attack on or near Damascus, there is increasingly little jihadist activity for the US to bolster around the Syrian capital, thus demonstrating the rapid pace at which the SAA has been able to liberate much of Eastern Ghouta.

While some pockets of terrorist occupation remain, this afternoon, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad paid a surprise visit to troops in Eastern Ghouta. This is demonstrative of an increased confidence in Damascus, that one of the last strategically important locations under illegal occupation, apart from the Golan Heights which has been occupied since 1967, is about to be fully liberated in the coming weeks.

Unless something unforeseen occurs, once Eastern Ghouta is liberated, the strategically unimportant but nevertheless dangerous stronghold of terrorist groups in Idlib will be the final major area to clear from terrorist activity.

Below is a video of the Syrian President in East Ghouta for the first time since the conflict began in 2011.


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