Robert Mueller Should Go After Cambridge Analytica And Its Big Corporate and Political Associates – Not Russia

Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating whether or not Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia, is in a position that is ultimately thankless. When he inevitably discovers that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, the Democratic party and many Republicans will ultimately be disappointed. At the same time, Trump and his supporters are already furious at the dirt Mueller is in the midst of digging up regarding activities surrounding the US first family and their associates that are related to non-Russian matters.

The entire point of Mueller’s investigation was to determine whether the US policy system was tampered with during the 2016 election. The short answer is that the US political system was tampered with during the 2016 election. What’s more is that the people who did the meddling were not Russians. Instead, a UK  firm with operations in the US called Cambridge Analytica did in fact conspire to meddle in the US election,  in open collusion with members of Donald Trump’s campaign team, including Steve Bannon who previously worked for Cambridge Analytica.

The London based firm’s US employees and contractors used a social media psychological exam app developed by Cambridge University Professor Aleksandr Kogan, in order to obtain vital data on the ideological and behavioural habits of 50 million social media users. The app culled private data from Facebook users and then used complex algorithms to manipulate Facebook users in what amounts to a brainwashing campaign in the services of the Trump campaign.

One of Kogan’s associates who took part in the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting project was Christopher Wylie. Wylie has now come out as the whistleblower who exposed the dubious link between Kogan, Cambridge Analytica and the Trump campaign. Moreover, Wylie has exposed Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix as a supremely arrogant individual who once boasted of working with the Pentagon, CIA and MI6.

According to Wylie, Cambridge Analytica was able to cull not just privileged public data from Facebook users, but also private data, including the contents of private messages between Facebook users. This claim was denied by Nix who testified before a UK Parliamentary committee. He now stands accused of making an untrue statement by Wylie.

At the moment, Cambridge Analytica denies all charges of illegal and improper theft and use of private date, while Kogan claims his data harvesting app was approved by Facebook. Facebook has denied knowledge that Cambridge Analaytica used Kogan’s app to do anything that violated national laws or its own policies and has suspended Cambridge Analytica from its network, all the while feigning ignorance about what Cambridge Analytica did with Facebook, even though both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica profited handsomely from their corporate relationship.

When it comes to both a mass beach of private data and a clear attempt to meddle in the US political system with the open collusion of officials from the Trump campaign, both the FBI and special counsel Mueller should immediately prioritise an investigation into Cambridge Analytica, its CEO, Professor Kogan and members of the Trump campaign involved in procuring the services of the firm.

Furthermore, Mueller and the FBI should investigate whether Cambridge Analytica’s services were procured by anyone involved in promoting the theory that it was Russia rather than the UK firm which colluded with the Trump campaign to meddle in the US political system. Furthermore, Julian Assange should be questioned regarding the techniques of Cambridge Analytica. Assange revealed that Alexander Nix personally contacted him, asking for access to information that Wikileaks was privy to, regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails. Julian Assange took the ethically correct decision and refused Nix’s overtures, at great material detriment to himself. Assange, could even work with lawyers to strike a bargain with the US wherein through offering guarantees of Assange’s freedom from US prosecution were he to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, he would turn over all information and communications he had with any individual from Cambridge Analytica.

When taken in totality, it would appear that Cambridge Analyatica has done everything and more that Russia and Russians have been accused of doing. Furthermore, while Russia does not stand accused of stealing private data from US Facebook users, including their private messages, Cambridge Analaytica stands accused of doing just that.

This should be the major headline of all the same news outlets that were so quick to latch onto the Russia story which has turned out to be a whole lot of nothing, while the Cambridge Analytica story is the real deal. Already the markets have reacted to the news as Facebook’s share prices are down over 7% on the S&P 500. This represents the biggest tumble in the price of Facebook share prices since 2014. Moreover, the plunge has knocked Facebook out of the coveted big five companies atop the S&P 500.

In an age where the stock markets tell far more truth than politicians, one must wonder whether the still evidence free accusations that Russia was behind the poisoning of a former double-agent on UK soil, are not related to the breaking of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The revelations from Christopher Wylie were published by the New York Times and The Observer (an off-shoot of The Guardian) on the 17th of March, just three days after the British Prime Minister announced that she has found Russia guilty of murder, in spite of failing to produce any real evidence. Logic would dictate that it took far longer than three days to produce and edit the piece about Wylie’s revelations.

Knowing how the editors of major media outlets like the New York Times and Observer have high levels of communications between government and their chief editors, it is not beyond the realm of reasonable plausibility that there was a calculated attempt to bury the Cambridge Analytica story behind the Skripal poisoning, so as to save US and UK political elites further embarrassment for spending so much time and money investigating Russian involvement in the Trump election and the Brexit vote, when in reality it was Cambrige Analytica that used private data of US and UK citizens to meddle in both. This is of course just a theory, but it is one that should be explored, including by Robert Mueller.

While as recently as December of 2017, Mueller did in fact request that Cambridge Analytica should hand over pertinent emails as part of his investigation into Trump-Russia collusion, the new revelations from Christopher Wylie dictate that Cambridge Analyatica goes from a peripheral element to the prime focus of his investigation. Anything less would mean that justice is not being pursued.

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