Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin: Hard Work + Team Work

On the 18th of March, Russians voted in their Presidential election, while days earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke before the 3,000 member National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s highest legislative body, after taking the oath of office after his recent re-election.

Xi Jinping and an economic “Golden Era”

President Xi took the opportunity to reflect on the progress that had been made during his first term, while speaking of how further efforts must be endeavoured in order to create a “moderately prosperous society” by 2020.

During Xi’s first term, China’s economy grew to 82 trillion yuan (13 trillion Dollars) while 66 new urban jobs have been created. Throughout this period, domestic consumption grew and is now one of the many powerful cylinders powering the engine of rapid Chinese economic growth. All the while, investment in the cultural sphere and the environment has increased with new Chinese innovations in green technology set to further cut pollution levels in all Chinese cities.

Xi Jinping emphasised that happiness is an outgrowth of “arduous work” and that the Communist Party of China must continue to work to be the primarily problem solving institution for the country. Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era looks to build on achievements from the past in order to turn China into not just a world leading industrial producer, but to a world class innovator in consumer technology, medical science, transportation innovation, green energy and infrastructural development.

Xi emphasised the importance of the One Belt–One Road trading, logistics and international infrastructure endeavour as a means of creating a more prosperous and harmonious world where peace through prosperity and open trading avenues leads to a greater level of economic achievement throughout partner nations.

China has already raised the highest number of humans out of poverty in the shortest period of time in history. As part of Xi’s new five year plan, the remnants of rural poverty are to be fully eliminated so that both urban and rural communities can experience the benefits of the moderately prosperous society.

Putin – Teamwork at home and close partnerships abroad 

When it was Putin’s turn to greet his supporters in Moscow after his substantial electoral victory, he remarked on the necessity of building further trust between Russians and their political leaders, while he emphasised that his victory was not a personal achievement as much as a victory for team work, something which he emphasised must continue if Russia is to become more prosperous and remain secure.

During a short post-election press conference, Putin praised Russia’s healthy partnership with China while congratulating President Xi on his recent re-election. Putin stated that the goals of One Belt–One Road and the Russian lead Eurasian Economic Union are mutually complimentary and that he looks forward to working with China more intensely in his new term.

The importance of the Sino-Russian partnership 

China’s President Xi Jinping was among the first world leaders to congratulate Putin on his re-election. In his telegram of congratulations, Xi said to Putin,

“Currently, the comprehensive, strategic Russian-Chinese cooperation and partnership, are at an unprecedented high level, and have served as an example of a new type of international relations, based on mutual respect, equality and mutually beneficial cooperation.

In recent years, the Russian people have shown unity and solidarity, they are resolutely moving forward toward the development and revival of a strong country, and significant results have been achieved in the country’s socio-economic development. Russia plays an important constructive role in international affairs”.

This morning, Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov emphasised that in his new term, President Putin will publish and implement a roadmap for further internal development, building on Putin’s pledge to boost infrastructural investment, new housing programmes, investment in health and education, increased pensions and schemes to create new jobs.

In this sense, both China and Russia share goals of intensified internal development in order to elevate the prosperity of the Russian and Chinese people. These important goals can been enhanced through mutual cooperation between the two friendly neighbours that already enjoy a healthy trading relationship. Last year, both China and Russia pledged to further cultural and media contacts as a way to bring the two peoples even closer together. Already, tourism between China and Russia is up, with Chinese now forming the single largest group of international travellers to Russia.

Working for common goals 

With Xi stressing “arduous work” towards a goal of happiness and prosperity and Putin stressing teamwork for similar reasons, it is clear that both the political leaders and ordinary people of both China and Russia must work consistently and diligently to build better lives for themselves and their nations. Lethargy, corruption, myopic thinking and problem solving from uneducated perspectives are detrimental both to the individual and the collective nation.

In this sense, both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin understand that it is important for the state and its people to work with one another for mutually positive goals. Anything less than a full commitment to hard work in the name of peace and prosperity will see both nations failing to achieve their maximum potential. The trust that the Chinese and Russian people have put into their successful leaders, is demonstrative of two superpowers ready to face the challenges of an inter-connected world, while readying themselves to reap the benefits of a modern age.

All of this will be made more possible and in a more rapid fashion when the Eurasian Economic Union and One Belt–One Road become fully integrated as a means of connecting the wider Asian space with partners across continents.

Fraternal greetings

Eurasia Future congratulates the Chinese and Russian people and wishes them every success in the future!

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