Julian Assange to Testify Before UK Parliament on Cambridge Analytica

Throughout the entire deepening Cambridge Analytica scandal, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has remained above the fray. When Cambridge Analytica contacted Assange he refused to hand over any information to them and also declined cooperating in any way with the corrupt corporation.

Now, Assange has stated that he agrees to testify before a UK Parliamentary committee regarding the scandal. While Assange remains in London, he will not leave the Ecuadorian Embassy to testify but will instead give his statements and answer questions via video-link.

According to Assange, it was the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee that requested his appearance, not he who volunteered to give testimony. It is not yet clear if this could pave the way for any deal to release Assange. Currently, Assange is effectively imprisoned in the Ecuadorian Embassy because the UK authorities threaten to arrest him for skipping bail when he first took asylum.


Cambridge Analytica Scandal Rockets to Watergate Proportions and Beyond

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