MUST WATCH: Man Asks Infoterrorist Alexander Nix if He’s Proud to Have Elected Trump – You Won’t Believe His Deceitful Answer

New revelations have been forthcoming regarding the illegal practices of the firm Cambridge Analytica that has gained infamy for its role in using stolen data from social media users in order to better meddle in the 2016 US Presidential election. According to new reports, one of the agents working for the firm bribed St. Kitts and Nevis politician Lindsay Grant $1.4 million as part of an entrapment scheme to ruin his electoral prospects. In the end, Grant lost his election to the National Assembly of the small Caribbean nation by 29 votes. This is just the latest of multiple new scandals surrounding the firm.

Prior to his public disgrace after a UK broadcaster filmed him boasting about rigging foreign elections, using foreign spies, including those from “Israel”, bribing and lying about politicians and procuring the use of Ukrainian prostitutes for the purposes of defaming the opponents of his clients, Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix appeared at a public forum in Hamburg hosted by a group called “Online Marketing Rockstars”. While speaking, Nix boasted of his pride in helping Donald Trump to win the election in remarks similar to the even more candid statements he made during a meeting with an undercover reporter filmed on a hidden-camera. During the question and answer sessions, a man in the audience asked Nix the following:

“If it is really true that you helped Trump get into office, are you happy putting a misogynist buffoon into the most power job in the world, who is now fucking up our world? Are you happy?”

Nix’s responded in the following way:

“I think you need to step backwards a little bit and understand that I don’t think it’s for people sitting in other countries to cast their opinion on the self-determination of the United States”…

Just to recap, this is an English man who runs a company in the British capital, which employs the use of “Israeli” spies and Ukrainian prostitutes to meddle in elections throughout the world. The arrogance and deceit has reached new levels.


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