Cambridge Analytica Offices Sealed off by Police Over “Suspect Package” in Possible False Flag

Police in the British capital have sealed off the streets around the offices of Cambridge Analytica over reports of a “suspect package” found near the building on New Oxford Street.

With police reportedly preparing to raid the offices in order to investigate the company’s criminal activity, there is a strong suspicion that such a “suspect package” could have been planted by associates of the firm as a false flag to distract the authorities and journalists, while valuable data is destroyed.

This theory is made all the more likely due to the fact that a judge has adjourned a court hearing regarding the issuing of a warrant for police to enter and search Cambridge Analytica’s offices. The High Court hearing will continue on Friday, thus giving the firm time to possibly remove important data from the facilities prior to the police search.

Workers in nearby buildings have posted photos of the scenes below.


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