Cambridge Analytica Parent Company Hired By Ukrainian Regime to Spread Fascism in Donbass: Russia Must Sanction Company Immediately

The website of Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, The SCL Group boasts of how the infoterorrist corporation worked to undermine the self-determination of the Donetsk People’s Republic after 2014 by working with the fascist Kiev regime. This amounts to a private company working with an outlaw regime to promote the genocide of a people seeking self determination. These revelations represent a step beyond election meddling for Cambridge Analytica and its parent company, as it is now clear that Cambridge Analaytica’s parent company has been engaged an attempt to interfere in a military conflict in order to spread fascism and promote the violent crushing of the self-determination of the Donbass people.

According to the SCL website,

“SCL was contracted to collect population data, conduct analytics, and deliver a data-driven strategy for the Ukrainian government in pursuit of their goal to win back control of Donetsk. SCL’s data and analytics revealed that the Ukrainian government’s credibility was extremely low with target audiences. Willingness to consider the case for a united Ukraine did not translate into support for Kiev. Further, the dispute was highly localized in nature, so any countrywide, Kiev-centered communication campaign was likely to fail. These findings were applied to design localized communications campaigns to erode and weaken the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). The final project report was delivered to the President of Ukraine for his Cabinet’s assessment and shared with the UK MOD. This report was pivotal in later national decisions, using Donetsk as an example for other regions”. 

SCL admits to conspiring with the fascist regime in Kiev and the British Ministry of Defence as part of a campaign of information warfare that was designed to insight sedition in the Donetsk People’s Republic and prepare a violent fascist takeover of Donetsk. It would appear from the company’s statement that the Poroshenko regime implemented some of the tactics devised by SCL as part of the wider war of aggression against the Donbass republics. This war of aggression has seen Kiev use chemical weapons against civilian targets, severing of transport to the region and engage in an all out warfare which has killed thousands of Donbass civilians.

As the Russian Federation remains committed to the Minsk II agreements which call for a de-escalation to the conflict and a political solution to the war that continues to rage after four years, it is imperative that the Russian Federation immediately sanction SCL and Cambridge Analytica as well as passing individual sanctions on the all of the directors, employees and contractors of the companies. Furthermore, Moscow must prohibit anyone associated with SCL or Cambridge Analytica from ever conducting business in the Russian Federation. Should any such individuals attempt to travel to the Russian Federation, they must be immediately arrested for their part in promoting crimes against humanity in Donbass. All other responsible nations must join Russia in these efforts.

SCL’s history with promoting fascism in Ukraine appears to date back to the so-called “Orange Revolution” in 2004. However, the current conspiracy to work for the Poroshenko regime in attempting to promote fascist aggression against Donbass is an even more serious offence. Mercenary bandit corporations such as SCL and Cambridge Analytica should not be allowed to promote the goals of a genocidal regime without facing the appropriate legal consequences.

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