Global Hypocrisy: Syria’s Victory Over Hate is Ignored And “Israel’s” Crimes Against Justice Are Forgiven

For seven years, the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta has been under occupation from the most malevolent and violent forces of Takfiri terrorism known to the world. This weekend, all of Eastern Ghouta was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army, with the terrorists either being neutralised or evacuated to Idlib. Damascus is once again whole, free and beginning to feel the winds of peace after years of living under the hell of rocket fire which killed thousands of innocent Syrians.

On a day when Orthodox Syrians celebrate Palm Sunday and Roman Catholic Syrians celebrate Easter, the churches, mosques, houses, streets and parks of Damascus are once again calm as loved ones held captive by terrorists can now reunite with those outside of Eastern Ghouta. Also for the first time in seven years, the main highway in and out of Damascus is once again open to civilian traffic as the country is re-connecting itself after major battles against terrorists have been won.

At the same time, peaceful Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza have been decimated by tank fire, gun fire and tear gas. Nearly twenty are already dead while over 1,400 are injured – some seriously. In any other place, scenes of tanks firing on armed children and young people would arouse global rage and elicit firm diplomatic and economic retaliation. One image of a young man being shot in the back after running away from “Israeli” artillery has captured and indeed broken the hearts of people around the world.

Other horrifying images of young men being shot in the back while praying, have also brought tears to eyes around the world.

The contrast between the events in Syria and Palestine could not be starker. In the Syrian Arab Republic, a country is re-uniting after foreign funded and armed terrorist gangs artificially divided the people since 2011. In Palestine, a people looking to reclaim their land from an occupier are killed with impunity while the leader of the occupier regime praises the killing.

Marking the contrast between the scenes of liberation in Eastern Ghouta and the scenes of utter carnage in Gaza is the way that the corporate western mainstream media has handled the situation. While US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley once excoriated the Security Council for not gathering a military coalition to aid her nation’s terrorist proxies in Ghouta, the US has refused to condemn the Zionist regime for its indiscriminate killings of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators. If one wanted to find news about the liberation of Ghouta from western corporate media outlets, one would be hard pressed to find anything. Likewise, when it comes to exposing “Israeli” crimes against Palestine, these stories too are few and far between.

While Syria celebrates the liberation of an area outside the capital and Palestine and its supporters condemn a deadly occupation of an ancient people, the so-called ‘international community’ seems to have its priorities totally reversed.

Among just minded people, Eastern Ghouta’s long awaited liberation would be celebrated while “Israeli” aggression would be solidly condemned. But this is not the case. One of the greater crimes upon a crime is the fact that many Palestinian organisations have been so manipulated, that they have actually opposed the Syrian struggle for liberation, even though Syria now stands alone in the Arab world as a state which consistently offers its full support and solidarity to Palestine. However, images of men bearing the flags of the Popular Front for The Liberation of Palestine among the demonstrators, is a sign that an Arab Nationalist Palestinian group may once again be on the rise.

What binds the Syrian and Palestinian struggle together is a common quest to liberate the Arab world from all forms of occupation, whether it be a Europeanist colonial regime in Tel Aviv or Takfiri terrorist occupation in places in Eastern Ghouta. So long as even one part of the Arab world is occupied or colonised, the entire collective Arab national body will feel the sting of poison and so long as the Arab world remains poisoned, it will be all the more easy for foreign exploiters to create conflicts between a people who can only survive and prosper through unity and religious pluralism. This is the message of Arab Nationalism. There remains no other hope for the Arab world than Arab Nationalism in its various constructive forms. All other roads will only lead to colonisation, exploitation and the rape of the natural resources of the Arab world whose only legitimate owners are Arabs themselves.

The struggle for the liberation of the Arab world should have ended when the struggles for African and Asian liberation were complete, but sadly one of the most ancient parts of the civilised world remains plagued with colonial infestations that express themselves in multiple forms.

Palestinian freedom is incomplete without Syrian freedom and Syrian freedom is incomplete without freedom and justice for all Palestinians. This is the narrative that must be promulgated inside the Arab world and beyond. So long as Arab nations or sects stand divided against themselves, no one will stand up against the occupiers, the terrorisers and the tormentors.

For Damascus it is a day of relief, for Gaza and all of Palestine it is a day of mourning and rage. For all of the Arab world, it must be a moment of reconciliation where internal feuds are exposed as faulty and futile, in order to put the Arab world back on the path towards modern national liberation against occupiers in all their guises.

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