Turkish President Erdogan calls “Israeli” Regime Leader “Terrorist”

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to voice his opposition to the “Israeli” regime. After Donald Trump first announced his unilateral decision to re-locate the US Embassy to “Israel” from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem/al-Quds, Erdogan chaired a meeting of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation, condemning the US and its ally in Tel Aviv.

Today, Erdogan has reiterated his opposition to Tel Aviv, stating,

“I do not need to tell the world how cruel the Israeli army is. We can see what this terror state is doing by looking at the situation in Gaza and Al-Quds. Israel has carried out a massacre in Gaza and Netanyahu is a terrorist.

We will continue to expose Israeli terror all the time and on all platforms”.

Erdogan’s strong condemnations of “Israel” echo those of Iran although many leaders of the Arab world, particular those in the Arabian Peninsula remain deafeningly silent.

During much of Erdogan’s time in power, both as Prime Minister and President, relations with “Israel” have been fraught. While Turkey was the first Muslim majority country to establish relations with Tel Aviv, the aforementioned recent events have put a strain on this relationship and have ended the short lived rapprochement between Turkey and “Israel” in the aftermath of the MV Mavi Marmara atrocity of 2010. While Turkey has not cut ties with Tel Aviv, for Erdogan, relations with the wider Sunni-Muslim world trump any lingering desire to re-start Turkey’s historically healthy relationship with “Israel”.

When this is combined with “Israel’s” overt and covert support of radical Kurdish terrorists throughout the region, it is clear that Ankara and Tel Aviv will continue to be largely at odds for the foreseeable future.


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