More Palestinians Martyred as Protests Set to Continue Through Nakba Day

Beginning with Land Day on the 30th of March and leading up to the most important day in the Palestinian national calendar, Nakba Day on the 15th of Mary, protests throughout Palestine are continuing. Demonstrators have gathered in Gaza where they have been met by life fire from “Israeli” machine guns and multiple rounds of tear gas.

According to the latest reports, three young Palestinians have been martyred and hundreds have been injured as they marched for the right to return to their homes in occupied Palestine. Multiple human rights groups have condemned the “Israeli” assault on peaceful protesters, while even the European Union has called for an independent investigation into the attacks on unarmed civilians.

Palestinians have vowed to maintain their protests up to and including Nakba Day, which on the 15th of May commemorates the killing and expulsion of Palestinians from their ancient homeland beginning in 1948.

Throughout Gaza, both on the front lines of the protest and elsewhere, Palestinians are screaming because they have no rights. They do not have the right to statehood, of ownership over their ancient land that was brutally stolen from them in the Nakba, they do not have the right to protest nor the right to resist. Many do not even have the fundamental right to clean drinking water and fresh food.

The Tel Aviv regime instead massacres and mutilates them. The regime shoots off the foot of a boy playing football on a beach. The regime slaughters a disabled man who lost had previously lost his legs in another assault on Gaza. The regime tortures and shackles a young girl defending her family, including her brother who was shot in the head, from vicious assaults by soldiers of the regime. And yet today in the US, a generation of incompetent individuals, victims themselves of a regressive education system, want to take away the rights they have while in Palestine children are fighting for their eternal rights for their fathers, grandfathers and also for future generations.

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