“Israel” Does America’s Dirty Works – Syria Cleans It Up

After a day of speculation over whether the United States would conduct an aggressive missile attack on Syria as it did on the 6th of April last year, the answer is now clear: this time, it would be “Israel” that would do the dirty work of the United States. Early on the 9th of April, “Israel” attacked Syria’s T4 airbase in Homs Governorate. This was the same airbase “Israel” attacked on the 10th of February.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry,

“On April 9, from 03:25 to 03:53 Moscow time, two Israeli Air Force F-15 jets, carried out an airstrike by two guided missiles on the T-4 airfield from the Lebanese territory and without entering Syria’s airspace”.

Crucially, Syria shot down five of the eight missiles with its air defence systems. 

The event is significant on a variety of levels.

1. Syria’s missile defence systems remain effective 

In spite of “Israel” claiming to have destroyed half of Syria’s defensive missile systems during its previous illegal attack on the Arab Republic in February of 2018, the fact that Syria was able to shoot down five out of eight missiles speaks for itself – Damascus’s defensive weapons are still able to go up against the most modern military in the Middle East and hold their own in terms of results.

2. “Israel” did not dare enter Syrian airspace

In February of 2018, Syria’s downing of an “Israeli” F-16 represented a kind of ‘David and Goliath’ moment in the long history of the “Israel”/Syria rivalry. Tel Aviv never expected Syria to be able to shoot down one of its attacking planes under such conditions. Rumours that the plane was shot down while retreating into “Israeli” airspace makes Syria’s achievement all the more remarkable from a logistical perspective.

Thus, during this latest attack, “Israeli” jets attacked from Lebanese territory and hastily retreated back, thus not giving Syria an easy opportunity to shoot down any of the planes.

3. The US backed down 

A combination of very stern Russian warnings regarding America’s would-be attack combined with apparent confusion in Washington over what the country’s Syria policy actually is, in addition to the fact that the suburb of Douma is now liberated of its pro-western Takfiri terrorists, making any such attack more punitive than strategic, all led the US to outsource its attack to an “Israeli” regime that never requires even a half-baked reason to attack its neighbour.

4. Russia resents and at times despises the US – Russia is an partner of “Israel”

While many in the wider alt-media community have yet to realise this, Russia and “Israel” are close partners in spite of some difference that both sides admit – they are not only closer to one another than Russia is to any western country, but they are incredibly close partners.  As Andrew Korybko wrote yesterday in Eruasia Future, ”

“Furthermore, there’s nothing guaranteeing that any forthcoming strike would be a unilateral American one either…..even “Israel” might join in as well, with the latter potentially even taking the lead in order to ensure that Russia definitely wouldn’t “interfere” because of the tacit “alliance” between Moscow and Tel Aviv”.

Ultimately “Israel” was part chosen and half volunteered (based on the anti-Syrian clamour on pro-“Israel” social media) to conduct an attack that the US and its European partners were too afraid to make because while Russia threatened a western alliance with retaliation if Russian personnel were in harms way, Russia has never made such a threat to its partner, “Israel”, in spite of disagreements with some of its policies. Likewise, Russia remains a strong partner to the Syrian Arab Republic, in spite of some Russian disagreements with some Syrian policies.

5. One more “Israeli” war crime – one more Syrian strategic and moral victory 

In objective terms, the “Israeli” attack on a foreign country was totally illegal. However as Syria successfully intercepted the majority of incoming “Israeli” missiles, Syria can claim its own defensive victory in spite of tremendous odds. Furthermore, early indications are that the material damage to the Syrian airbase are minimal within the wider context of the current conflict.

6. Now back to business as usual 

As has been the case after most of “Israel’s” illegal attacks against the Syrian Arab Republic throughout the duration of the current conflict, the normal business of Syria, Russia and Iran’s anti-terror operations in the country typically resume without pause as soon as such an attack is over. Ultimately, Syria can claim a moral victory, “Israel” for its own soft power purposes can claim it is “braver” (aka more aggressive) than the US and Russia will know that it played a large part in the US outsourcing its aggression to a country that Russia ultimately has far better relations with than the US or any major EU power.

7. Syria’s soft power in the Arab world increases 

Many Arabs in states classed as enemies or opponents of the Syrian Arab Republic sought to promulgate the prudence of a US attack on Syria after associating themselves with the clear chemical weapons false flag in Douma. Their reasons are simple enough – some Sunni Arabs associated the Syrian Arab Republic with Iran due to Iran’s alliance with Damascus and due to the fact that the Assad family is Alawite rather than Sunni.

Now, these Arabs have egg on their face as “Israel” has now done what they were effectively asking the US to do. As “Israel” is the most hated regime among ordinary people and even many elites in the Arab world, anti-Syrian Arabs now have to reconcile themselves with the fact that they are de-facto on the side of “Israel” as it attacked an Arab state.

8. Controlled opposition western alt-media exposed 

Western so-called alt-media outlets such as Infowars are always ready to criticise US and European wars of aggression that do not suit their narrative, but they rarely mention “Israel” and virtually never criticise it. Now that an attack that they all presumed to be American turns out to be “Israeli”, their credibility is on the line. Will they criticise “Israel” as mercilessly as they would have criticised the “safe” American stawman? I, personally suspect not.


Ultimately, while “Israel” can now claim being a more reliable anti-Syrian state than the more timid west, the victory is ultimately Syria’s, as a state that has been fighting a war on multiple fronts for seven years has managed to intercept the majority of incoming missiles and will now continue her fight without any significant disruptions.

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