Russia’s UN Ambassador Nebenzya Tells West “You Have No Friends” While Threatening “Grave Consequences” Against a US Attack on Russians in Syria

Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya has addressed the Security Council where he sternly warned the US led western powers against any acts of aggression against Syria. He began his remarks by blaming the Us, UK and France for a “deliberate policy undertaken to stoke international tensions”. He further accused the main western powers of having “engaged in a confrontational policy against Russia and Syria”.

Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya listed the methods of western nations against Russia and Syria as “slander, insults, blackmail, sanctions, threats to use force against a sovereign state while Russia is being unpardonably threatened”.He then said, “The tone has gone beyond the threshold of what is acceptable…even by standards of the cold war”, before calling the western attitude “boorish”.

Nebenzya quoted remarks from several years ago by the current Russian President who posed the following rhetorical question to the western powers “Do you understand now what you have done”. These remarks from Vladimir Putin were in relation to the destabilising wars the US launched across the Middle East including the wars of aggression against Iraq and Libya. Nebenzya then stated, “No you do now understand”.

The Ambassador stated that the attitude of the US and its allies confounds not only Russia “but the majority of those seated here”.  Nebenzya stated that “Regardless of what you (the west) touch – chaos is left behind. Do you understand the dangerous threshold which you are bringing the world”?..he asked. He then stated that the reason for the current atmosphere of hysteria among the western powers is because the “terrorist you supported are losing”.

Turning to the events on the ground in the, the Ambassador spoke about the positive developments in Douma where families are being united with those held hostage by the terrorists of Douma, while fighters who lay down their weapons have taken advantage of the Syrian government’s generous amnesty programme.

WHen discussing the events of the terrorists in Douma, Nebenzya said that his country was surprised at the extent of the sophisticated tunnels in the region, many which were wide enough to drive a truck through. The allies of the terrorists, the White Helmets propaganda group were referred to by Nebenzya as “acting mendaciously under the cloak of health processionals”. Furthermore, Nebenzya said that the White Helmets leak info to the jihadists while both terrorist on the ground also coordinate their campaigns of destruction based on intelligence fed to them by the US and other allied states.

In respect of the false flag chemical attack, Nebenzya said that the event was cynically staged and that it is not surprising that Iran and Russia are blamed for a hoax attack, along with the Syrian government. The Ambassador confirmed that no nerve agents or chlorine was found in the soil at the site of the alleged attack and that when locals were interviewed, not a single resident confirmed a chemical attack. Furthermore, there are no dead bodies in the area and no information about where alleged dead bodies might be buried. Finally, Nebenzya pointed out that the Syrian Red Cresent debunked states saying they helped those with exposure to toxic gas. In reality the Red Crescent has experienced no such thing in Douma.

Nebenzya then said that  Syria and Russia will allow the world to travel to alleged site in order to conduct a full independent investigation that and that further Russia demands that the OPCW visits all araes in question and that Syria and Russia can easily arrange for access to the locations.

Turning back to the fabricated nature of the “attack” Nebenzya stated that American instructors trained fighters to stage chemical weapons attacks and that furthermore when the US illegally hit Syria with a missile strike on the 6th of April, 2017, the US had already moved the attacking ships to the vecinity of Syria before the alleged attack even happened.

Nebenzya then said that the “fake news” about Douma is designed to distract people from Skripal case that was ‘bungled’ by London. He then turned to the absurdity of UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson trying to link the Skripal incident from England to Russia’s anti-terrorist partnership with Syria. IN an appeal for realism and reason, the Ambassador then said

“We are not particularly keen to be friends with you (the west)….what we want from you is basically nothing…normal civilised relations, which you arrogantly refuse, disregarding basic courtesies. You are misguided if you think you have friends. The so-called friends of yours are only those who cannot say no to you. This is the soul criteria for friendship in your understanding.”

After citing the disasters the west created in the illegal wars on  Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya, the Russian Ambassador called for the west to return to legal fold of an international community and abandon a western mentality built a dive for “egotistical geopolitical gains”. He also warned that any attack on Syria where Russian troops are deployed could lead to “grave consequences”.


The US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley spoke for a far shorter period of time vis-a-vis Nebenzya. The key element of her speech was that the US is weighing the (military) options about which Donald Trump spoke earlier while she closed her remarks saying that “The US will respond even if the Security Council won’t”.


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