New Video Shows Regime Soldier’s Hunting Palestinian Boys Like Animals

As protests continue in Palestine as part of the Great Return March leading up to Nakba Day on the 15th of May, soldiers of the Netanyahu gunned down peaceful Palestinians while filming it all. Adopting the mannerisms of a hunter on a big game hunt, the regime soldiers fired at a young Palestinian man before laughing about it.

According to the transcripts, one man asked “Do you have another bullet in the barrel?“, shortly before the Palestinian was shot. Once the shots were fired, one of the soldier’s accomplices shouted, “What a legendary video”. Thus far, there have been no calls for international intervention to prevent the regime from killing further innocent children in occupied Gaza.

The emergence of this video comes days after a young journalist covering the Great March of Return, Yaser Murtaja was murdered by the regime.

Yaser Murtaja was covering the protests wearing a hi-visibility bullet proof vest with the words ‘PRESS’ written on the front, but nevertheless, the live rounds fired at the demonstrators by regime forces pierced his abdomen, leading to his death in a Palestinian hospital.

The young journalist is among the 19 dead who have thus far been martyred by an aggressive campaign to crush Palestinians protesting for the right to return to their stolen land that has led to outrage throughout the world. Even the European Union has called for a thorough investigation into the regime’s aggression towards unarmed youths, while the United States acted unilaterally to block a United Nations investigation into “Israel’s” crimes that all other Security Council members supported, including Russia and China.

While shooting at unarmed protesters is a high crime, shooting at a journalist covering important events is a crime upon a crime. It is well known that the “Israeli” regime is eager to conceal its crimes against Palestine, but in an age of 24 hour news and social media, this is becoming increasingly difficult.

The ugly face of the regime that for years was hidden by carefully scripted “reportage” is now being laid bear for the entire world to see. Yaser Murtaja is one of the reasons that the crimes of the regime have been exposed. He paid the ultimately price for his integrity.

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