Russia’s UN Envoy Calls Upon All Nations to Exercise Restraint but Issues No Concrete Threats of Retaliation

The United Nations Security Council has met once again to attempt and de-escalate the crisis arising in and around Syria. UN Secretary General António Guterres warned of a new ‘Cold War’ and affirmed that he believes that the issues in the Middle East could put world peace at risk.

Russia’s UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya then issued a statement reiterating the warning from Guterres that the current situation is “fraught with repercussions for global security”.

Nebenzya then said,

“The US and its allies are engaging in direct incitement, thereby possibly becoming complicit in a possibly military misadventure”.

He asked rhetorically why the west is “seeking to plunge the Middle East into such conflicts”, before comparing the manufactured hysteria over the events in Douma as “a virtually empty test tube” that the western ambassadors are dangling before the UN in a clear allusion to Colin Powell’s infamous presentation about non-existent Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in 2003.

Nebenzya then accused the western powers of helping with the staging of the Douma false flag before then preparing Syrian terrorist with specific instructions to launch new offensives in the aftermath of a would-be attack. Incidentally, Daesh has already regrouped in parts of eastern Syria and has resumed new mobilisations.

Vasily Nebenzya repeated Russia’s findings that no traces of toxic substances were used in Douma but instead that the entire charade was a cover for preparing anti-Syrian forces to ready themselves for an attack. He further mentioned that Russia warned of such a false flag months ago. Incidentally as Nebenzya was speaking the Russian Defence Ministry announced that is has evidence that the United Kingdom was behind organising the false flag. The Russian Ambassador further criticised the western powers for ignoring the joy among Syrians in liberated areas, including those released from terrorist dungeons.

Nebenzya closed by inviting the US and “old Europe” back “into the fold” of international law and abdon their clear desires to destroy the Syrian government while “containing Russia”. He further stated that it was these desires which led the US, UK and France to veto a Russian resolution in support of the OPCW’s investigation in Douma.


Speaking after Nebenzya, Nikki Haley broke protocol by beginning her statements with a personal rebuke of the Russian ambassador saying,  “I’m in awe Vasily, that you say what you say with a straight face”

While Nikki Haley’s speech was more of a simplistic history of chemical weapons proliferation than a specific indication of US policy, she did reiterate that the US President has not yet decided whether to launch strikes.

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