Here’s How “Israel” Can Get Trump Supporters to Stop Backing Assad

In war, the law of unintended consequences becomes the rule rather than the exception. While “Israel” and Syria have been opponents since the 1940s, many otherwise pro-“Israel”, anti-Palestinian and even Islamophobic individuals in the US and Europe find themselves cheering on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (a Muslim) in his war against Takfiri terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, Daesh, al-Nusra, Jaysh al-Islam and their ideological and methodological clones.

The reason for otherwise pro-“Israel” or “Israel” leaning Americans for supporting the Syrian government in its war against terrorism is simple enough. 9/11 was a cataclysmic tragedy that will be forever ingrained in hearts and minds of those who witnessed it, whether in the flesh or on television. As a relatively recent atrocity, the vast majority of adults in 2018 have vivid memories of where they were, what they were doing and how they felt when they saw the twin towers of the World Trade Center Collapse, while a smaller group have equally vivid memories of the collapse of Building 7. At the time, the US blamed the al-Qaeda terrorist group for orchestrating and executing the atrocity. The US has not changed its position in this respect, even though most Americans no longer believe the official narrative about 9/11. Nevertheless, many Americans still associate al-Qaeda is the main culprit in the atrocity.

Therefore, it is natural that Americans cognisant of the fact that al-Qaeda is said to be behind the biggest terrorist attack on American soil, would naturally support a secular, modern, progressive Syrian government that is mobilising its resources against al-Qaeda and its clones including Daesh.

However, many individuals have consistently pointed out evidence that it was “Israeli” intelligence agents who were behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, while many other investigative researchers and journalists also point to collusion between elements of the US deep state and “Israel” in helping to coordinate the 9/11 attacks.

The following pieces of evidence pointing to a wider “Israeli”/deep state-corporate state American conspiracy are never discussed in the mainstream media, but ought to be if people are still concerned with truth and justice.

1. The Motive 

On July the July 24th 2001, Larry Silverstein purchased the World Trade Center from the New York Port Authority. The New York Port Authority was desperate to unload the buildings due to their exorbitant maintenance costs and lack of paying tenants.  Shortly after purchasing the World Trade Center complex Silverstein took out the biggest anti-terrorism insurance policy in history. Needless to say, through insurance payoffs, government bailouts and winnings from civil litigation, Silverstein made a monumental profit on his “investment”.

2. Suspicious Movements 

On the morning of September the 11th, Silverstein skipped his usual morning breakfast on the top floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. He later claimed it was “luck” that he had a doctors appointment that morning.

3. The Silverstein Confession 

During an interview that was only ever televised once, Larry Silverstein admitted that he agreed to “pull” Building 7, a building that while not hit by a plane, housed many local, state and federal government offices and archives. “Pulled” is of course a technical term used in the property and construction industries meaning “take down” or “demolish”.

It is of note that while far more debris hit Building 3 which was located between the two main towers, Building 3 remained structurally intact.

4. The “Israel” Connection 

On the morning of 9/11, five “Israelis” who were later revealed to be Mossad agents, drove their van across the river from the World Trade Center and set up camera equipment prior to the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. After the planes made their their impact, the “Israelis” began fervently dancing and celebrating. This strange occurrence was reported to the police by distressed locals.

Later on September the 11th, a suspicious white van registered to an “Israeli” man under the company name “Urban Moving Systems” was pulled over by police on the George Washington Bridge in New York City. The “Israelis” in the van, had with them explosive material, maps of the city with suspicious markings, $4700 cash stuffed in a sock, and foreign passports.

The owner of “Urban Moving Systems” later fled the country and the Mossad agents who were detained were eventually released without charge.

5. Physical Deception 

Not once in the history of the world has a steel-framed building ever collapsed due to fire of any kind. The only time in history we are led to believe that this happened was on 9/11. This is in spite of the fact that footage shows that the fire in the towers was a weak red/orange flame rather than a strong burning blue flame. In any case, the towers were designed to withstand the impact of larger jets with even larger fuel loads.

Adding to this matter was the fact that traces of a substance called nano-thermite was found at ground zero. Nano-thermite is a substance used to weaken molten steel. Nano-thermite was for example used to demolish the derelict Chicago Skyride Tower and other European buildings.

6. “Israeli” Confession

Three of the five “dancing Israelis” appeared on a Tel Aviv televsion show after 9/11 and spoke about their experiences. When speaking about their involvement in 9/11, one of the men said “our purpose was to document the event”, thus confessing to having prior knowledge of the attack and an apparent duty to film it.

7. The “Israeli” Messaging App 

On the 26th of September, 2001, the Haaretz Newspaper reported that employees of the Odigo instant messaging app who were in New York on 9/11 were sent a text message style warning about the attack prior to the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. This, along with the 5 “Israelis” with their camera equipment indicates that they had prior knowledge of the event.


Therefore, if “Israeli” officials or whistleblowers were to emerge and point to the fact that it was “Israel” and elements of the pro-“Israel” US deep state who were the masterminds behind the biggest terrorist atrocity on US soil, then maybe the otherwise pro-“Israel” Trump supporters of the US would be less concerned with Syria’s fight against al-Qaeda. However, if this were to happen, many millions of Americans might become more impassioned about “Israel’s” terrorism against Palestine, a nation that has experienced hundreds of 9/11s beginning with the Nabka of the 1940s.

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