Multiple Palestinians Martyred by Regime as Great March of Return Continues

UPDATE: The death total among Palestinians on the 20th of April has risen to three.

The Great March of Return continues in Palestine for the fourth week in a row. Protesters demanding a right to return to land and homes stolen from Palestinian families by the “Israeli” regime will continue their peaceful demonstrations in Gaza through the 15th of May when Palestinians commemorate the Nakba, when in the late 1940s, European Zionists expelled Palestinians from their ancestral home and commenced to slaughter many as they fled aggressive terrorism from groups including Irgun.

The current total of Palestinians killed since the beginning of the Great Return March on Land Day now stands at 36 with many fear this will soon rise as many of the thousands of injured are facing life threatening wounds.

While the United States has unilaterally blocked a would-be UN Security Council investigation into the crimes of the regime against Palestinians, countries throughout the world and the EU as a hole have condemned the mass slaughter of unarmed demonstrators that has seen “Israel” firing upon young Palestinians with drones, fighter jets, tanks and live rounds from machine guns. Recently, even the “Israeli” actress Natalie Portman has boycotted an award show in occupied Palestine because of her apparent disgust at the regime’s treatment of Palestinian demonstrators.

This year’s protests have become intensified as just prior to Nakba Day, the US plans to relocate its “Israeli” Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem/Al-Quds in a move that has been internationally condemned as an affront to Palestine.


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