The Mainstream Media That Cried Wolf – How The Guardian’s Attack on Two Journalists Exposed The Big Lie

The western mainstream media continues to do its own narrative grave disservices with outlandish claims that are not just false based on logical deduction, but false based on indisputable fact. A recent piece in Britain’s notorious Guardian newspaper accused two well known human beings with a substantial media presence of being “Russian bots”. In layman’s terms, this means that the Guardian thought that the social media accounts of a Syrian woman called Maram ‘Mimi’ Susli and an UK man called Ian Shilling were actually run by computer algorithm software commonly known as ‘bots’.

The fact that the Guardian not only got incredibly simple facts wrong but so comically wrong poses a larger question. Are there really even any ‘Russian bots’ at all? While artificial intelligence technology and simpler news scrapping algorithms do exist, there has yet to be any solid evidence to support the western government/mainstream media narrative that such ‘bots’ are being employed by the Russian government in order to spread news (real or fake) in the wider world.

In a clear case of ‘the boy who cried wolf‘, ,many will now rightly question whether the entire ‘bot story’ is made up from beginning to end, not least because two people singled out as bots are not only real but are widely known by their real names. In fact, Mimi Susli (aka Syrian Girl – Partisan) is so real, I once conducted a joint interview with her on Patrick Henningsen’s Sunday Wire live radio show.

Ian Shilling is so human that hours ago he gave a very live interview with SKY News where he expressed his disgust at the creepy allegations against him. While both Susli and Shilling are considering taking legal action against the Guardian, there is an incredibly hilarious aspect to the entire saga that paradoxically parallels the very serious lies told about two individuals.

If the mainstream media can be so brazen as to claim that well known people are robots, should any of their other claims be taken seriously? Just because other absurd stories aren’t as rapidly debunked as the ‘bot story’ (this one could be debunked with a 30 second Google search), this does not preclude a reasonable assumption that the other stories are just as artificial.

Ironically, the real robots are the mainstream media journalists who spew out the script governments give them as though robots programmed to execute tasks rather than individuals capable of either critical thinking or common sense.

If a chef promised fresh fish and served something frozen, most people  would ask for the real deal or their money back. People ought to take a similar attitude towards media outlets that serve up stale lies. The best option is to simply switch them off and read something else.

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