Allison Mack: The Actress Who Allegedly Orchestrated Daesh Style Human Trafficking, Mass Rape and the Bodily Mutilation of Slaves

A popular German born US actress called Allison Mack has just been arrested on charges including ” sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy”. According to initial reports Mack helped run a US based company called NXIVM which markets itself as a “self-help” organisation, but which is accused of running human slave trafficking operations where kidnapped victims are forcibly raped and physical mutilated.

NXIVM has been described as a “sex cult”, but that ambiguous term ought to be replaced with a more accurate term. If the allegations against Mack and her associates are true, this means that they are involved in terrorism. While groups like Daesh and al-Qaeda are widely known for committing mass murder, kidnapping young women, commiting mass rape against them and then selling them off at slave auctions are lesser reported atrocities committed by he world’s most infamous terrorist groups.

The fact that a famous US actress is allegedly involved in the same activity as the terrorist gangs which once ruled Mosul and Raqqa should be a wake-up call in respect of the mass perversion running through the western entertainment industry. While much has been made of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and his behaviour towards young females, it appears that Weinstein is little more than a typical sleazeball. By contrast, Allison Mack is alleged to have wantonly and knowing engaged in a sophisticated network that trafficked human slaves across international borders where they were tortured and raped by the kingpins of the human trafficking network.

This indicates an industrial level of terrorist activity that is clearly not limited to an isolated incident. With more and more stories about systematic paedophilia, rape and kidnapping taking place in the western entertainment industry, people ought to realise that the problem with such industries is the problem of any major elite circle operating in a society that has lost any point of connection with morality and ethical behaviour.

While not as universally hated as the so-called “bankster” classes, the entertainment elite are of the same ilk. Such individuals spit on the common man and woman in the same manner and are equally caviller in faulting their perversion while presenting a manipulated image of pseudo-normalcy to the public, which itself is designed to gradually normalise sick and sadistic behaviour among the masses.

In addition to people who have evidence of perverse crimes being committed by entertainment elites informing police as to this evidence, all ethical people ought to boycott the mass entertainment industry operating out of major western cities until such a time arises when a new generation of wholesome entertainers is able to purify the swamp that is the current state of the industry where various miscreants gleefully engage in disgusting and reprehensible behaviour.

Not only will this send a clear message that the people have been spat upon by the 1%’s entertainment division, but it will also send an economic message that without the ticket sales, merchandise sales and download/streaming revenue of ordinary people, the perverts will not be able to accrue the wealth they use to engage in deplorable acts.

This is the way to take a stand against human trafficking, perversion and the mass manipulation of ordinary people by those who should never be anywhere near a camera or microphone.

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